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Contrary to popular belief, conflict is not a verbal or non-verbal confrontation. It can simmer underneath, without any expression on the surface. But when it comes to work getting done, this underlying conflict puts a hurdle on progress. In corporate houses, conflict, especially among the top managerial level, can be counter-productive. The company may find itself being pulled in various directions because everyone is not on the same board. Such a situation is never ideal. Get the best psychologist in Kolkata to resolve your corporate conflicts.

Psychologists in kolkata

How do psychologists work?

To begin with, the various parties in a conflict need to recognize that there is a problem that requires a solution. More often than not, the parties involved brush aside the conflict because it is too much trouble to discuss or surpass. Instead, they bypass. However, leaving a problem alone never solves it, does it? The psychologist has the tough task of convincing the persons in conflict to foremost agree that there is one. 

Most people who are in the middle of conflict have thought about the problem over and over again. They are convinced that there is no way out. It is the job of a psychologist to pull open this view and show them that there can be a solution if they are willing to meet the other half of the problem midway. 

The psychologist in a corporate setup has a clear advantage when it comes to resolving corporate conflict. The psychologist can hear out both or multiple parties if it were. The psychologist can then find out the best course of action after evaluating who stands where. The path of negotiation is decided on the personalities involved. If the people on either side are willing to talk it over, a face to face session is all it takes. 

If the persons involved take a non-negotiable stance, the problem gets a little complicated. The psychologist has to study and understand the personalities involved in the conflict. Psychologists here have to study the fears and insecurities of the persons involved so that they can address their concerns better. With underlying concerns, no one will feel ready to arrive at a solution. Psychologists can address them on a personal level.

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With the help of careful and insightful negotiation initiated by the psychologist, a conflict can be resolved which brings all parties on the same page within the corporate setup. Contact Moner Alo, get the best psychologist in Kolkata to eradicate any corporate conflicts and maintain corporate harmony and peace.


If you check out the full form of FOMO, there are high chances that you are not a millennial! Anyone on social media platforms for a large part of the day, or college goers, even school children know the word FOMO: Fear of Missing Out. While the terminology may give away the feeling that this is not a ‘real’ problem, it is actually so, say the psychologists of Kolkata. This perceived fear of not being part of a particular social circle, or a group, can be nerve-wrecking for youngsters, especially teenagers. 


FOMO can have disastrous consequences in academia. Students who are constantly checking their smartphones for updates often neglect their studies. The worst part is that often they don’t care at all. They are so clued in about what is happening all around on the internet that they don’t really have a life, so to say. When they are faced with a real problem, they are unable to do anything constructive to solve it. Rather, their mind is always on what they are missing out. 

The psychological effects of FOMO can be quite damaging. It can turn young, impressionable minds into one that is constantly afraid and looking over their shoulders. They have very little self esteem and they fear that if they miss out, it will reflect poorly on their personality. They are also worried about what people will think about them if they miss out on something as trivial as the latest gossip in town. Moreover, they are deeply insecure about how friends view them. They are concerned that their friends are sharing something or the other among themselves, by leaving them out of the circle. 

You may think that FOMO is something that affects youngsters. Actually older persons can have a deep sense of missing out, too. You will find people checking news channels or newspapers continuously. That is also a case of FOMO. Is there actually any need of knowing every news story coming out if the matter doesn’t concern you directly? Psychologists say that these feelings of being left out, or abandoned, can have far-reaching consequences. If not treated earlier, they can give way to depression. 

If you have a strong FOMO, consult a psychologist on today. 


There is a deep connection between the city of Kolkata and Bangladesh, socially, politically and economically. There are transport systems that run every day between these two destinations across rail, road, and air. No wonder therefore that Bangladeshi nationals have Kolkata at the top of the list when it comes to medical treatment or psychological counseling.

If you look at the years gone by for some statistical data to support this claim, in the period of 2015-2016, 58,000 medical visas were issued to Bangladeshi nationals for travel to India. The number of patients coming in was more than 1.5 lakhs in this same period of time. The genres of medicine which found more favor among these Bangladeshis were orthopedics, neurology, and cardiology. However, in the last couple of years, there is a spike in the number of people looking for psychological counseling in Kolkata.

There are several reasons for this spike. For starters, the facilities of offering psychiatric treatment in Kolkata is now far better than what it was even a few years back. There are centers of excellence like Moner Alo which offers the best psychiatric treatment in Kolkata. These foreign nationals of Bangladesh picked New Delhi or the southern states of India for this kind of treatment in the earlier days. However, when facilities started to improve in Kolkata, they were more comfortable opting for treatment here.

The second reason draws from the first one: the logistical convenience of opting for treatment in Kolkata. This city is geographically nearer to Bangladesh than any other major city in India. Moreover, the familiarity and points of similarity between the cultures and languages of Kolkata and Bangladesh are too obvious to ignore. People visiting here in Kolkata are more comfortable communicating in Bengali, which also happens to be their mother tongue. So, they don’t feel like they are away from home. The comfort level is of primary importance for patients, more so when they are seeking psychological treatment.

Thirdly, the costs incurred during the process of psychological evaluation and counseling is affordable in Kolkata. The city has a low cost of living, certainly lower than all the major metros of the country. As a result, Bangladeshi nationals don’t have to burn a hole in their pockets for treatment. Their currency is slightly lower on the value than the Indian rupee anyway.

All factors combined, Bangladeshis feel comfortable and convenient to look for psychological counseling in Kolkata.


There are many who have equated the task of finding the right therapist to finding the right life
partner! Surely, things don’t have to be that serious when it comes to finding a therapist who can pull you
out of a compromised mental state, but this saying is not very far from the mark. Unless you
land with the therapist best suited for you, your improvement will suffer. You will be unable to
open up your heart and mind to just about any therapist. It has to be someone you are
comfortable with, and that sense of comfort doesn’t always come with established names in this

You may visit a psychologist or psychiatrist who is very famous and is reputed to have helped
numerous people with diverse problems. That, however, doesn’t assure you that this person is
best suited as your therapist as well. On the other hand, a lesser known therapist may just be the
person you are looking for, and feel comfortable and assured about. You are the best judge in
this regard, especially about the comfort part of the equation.

There are pointers, of course, that can lead you to make an informed choice. During the
reconnaissance period, when you are looking at options through online searches or asking your
friends for recommendations, you can find out about the body of work done by the psychologist
or psychiatrist. If you find that the person specializes in the kind of treatment you are looking
for, you can go ahead and book an appointment. Or you can look further till you find a person
with the relevant experience.

There is also the factor of methodology. Some psychiatrists prefer medication while others rely
on other forms of therapy, like group or music therapy, depending on the case. If you are
someone who feels that medication should be the last resort in therapy, you can pick a
psychiatrist who thinks likewise. There are tons of online data available for you to do your
homework on the psychologists of your choice. Again, this is very similar to finding as much
information about the person you’re about to date!

Sometimes, you are unsure whether you need a psychologist or a psychiatrist. It depends on the
severity of the situation, which the person affected may not be in the best position to judge. A
general physician can direct you towards the right channel of treatment. You can also speak to
counselors at Moner Alo who can guide you on the path to recovery.


Physiotherapy is considered to be a cost-effective and efficient way of curing back pain. Patients suffering from lower back pain are often sent for physical therapy for four weeks as an initial non-surgical treatment option before going for surgical options. The goal of physiotherapy is to reduce back pain, increase motion and teach the patient a maintenance program to prevent any future back problems. With accurate measurement and early treatment, most back pains can be reduced considerably allowing one to quickly resume normal day-to-day activities. Some of the best OCD treatment in Barasat and psychological counseling is available that provides the best services.

Here we have explained some of the techniques that a physiotherapist plans to follow while trying to cure back pain:

Back Pain Reduction

Reducing back pain is the main cause of approaching a physiotherapist. If untreated for long, back pain can soon turn out to be intolerable. Problems like poor posture, muscle strain or arthritis can cause back pain. The process of physiotherapy is done to reduce stress on joints, strengthen muscle to improve mobility and re-patterning of muscles. A lot of procedures like using ice, electrotherapy, de-loading taping techniques, and soft tissue massage can be used by the physiotherapist. Some drugs might also be suggested to tackle the pain in this phase of treatment.

Restoring Back Strength in Muscles

As the inflammation reduces and the lower back pain settles down, it may seem like a relief to you. But this is the time when you are more vulnerable to a re-injury. During this phase, the treatment of physiotherapy helps to restore normal lumbar spine motion, muscle length, and resting tension. It also helps to maintain balance while walking.

A lower abdominal core stability program is suggested to help control and stabilize the lower back and pelvis. After studying the particular muscle pattern that you have, a physiotherapist could suggest some back pain exercises that are best suited for you.

Restoring Full Back Function

Depending on the day-to-day activities of the patient, a physiotherapist will aim to restore back function completely to help one resume their daily routine. Everyone has different demands based on their own personal needs. For some, it can be just a walk while others may be asked to run regularly. It depends a lot on one’s personal needs.

Back Exercises to Prevent Recurrence

A recurrence of a back pain is quite common which occurs mainly due to the poor rehabilitation process. The physiotherapist is supposed to guide one with specific exercises depending on their own personal needs that should be followed regularly.


The world has come to the point where the number of professionals who are not happy with their work can barely survive it. The workplace is a competitive space and the edginess of this competition has shot up substantially with more people vying for the same, few spots. In other words, unless you are good at what you do, you will not be able to sustain yourself professionally. The choice of careers has become very important. If you end up picking a career that you don’t actually like, you might have to change career midway, something that will set you back by years!

The choice of career is made in your school days. The subjects you pick in school go a long way in determining what you are going to do in your life as a professional. Students and teenagers are often guided by parents, teachers and family members, sometimes even the well-meaning neighbors! However, more often than not, this guidance comes from people who are not professional career counselors, and have no understanding of the student’s mind or vocation.

Vocational affinity is very important in making a career choice. A trained psychologist can cut through the maze of choices and help you make the correct career choice, depending upon what you actually like to do. Sometimes, you are not aware of your own strengths and merits. There are also times when you are good at multiple avenues, which make the choice even more difficult. You are worried that you will pick the wrong route and regret all your life. Let a psychologist guide you towards the best possible choice.

A professional psychologist knows the tropes of uncovering the mind and revealing the real vocational ability of a person. For example, you may be cut out to be an entrepreneur and not an employee at all! Your personality traits give away the impression that you are happiest working for yourself and doing something on your own rather than fall back on the secure cushion of a job. The vice versa is true as well, especially for those who come from a business family but have no aptitude for business. Such individuals will be misfits and end up being very frustrated later on.

Make the right choice in career today by consulting our psychologists at Moner Alo.

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