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There are a number of methods employed by corporate psychological counselling. The methods depend on the culture of the workplace and the demands of the organization. Every organization is different in terms of expectations from employees. The dominant work culture of a company has a large effect on how employees rise up to stress in general. This should be taken into consideration by the corporate psychological counsellor. 

Corporate psychological counselling

Though there is no blanket method that counsellors can employ, there are some parameters which usually fit. Some of them are:

Employee Assistance Program (EAP):

The main focus of this method is to build up a communication bridge between the employee and the counsellor. The communication is strictly confidential and is not shared with the employers, or even the superiors of the employee. The employee can talk about their fears and worries, enabling the counsellor to offer practical, doable solutions. These solutions are derived keeping the work culture of the organization. This is a kind of mental assistance program which helps employees find their professional mojo again. 

Developing Skill:

Employees are often unable to understand their true potential at the workplace. They remain underutilized. A professional corporate counsellor can bring out this untapped potential from the employees. With the help of questionnaires designed for this purpose, employees will be able to showcase their aptitude for tasks which they are not doing at present, but have the potential to fulfil in the future. When such untapped skills are diagnosed, the reports are shared with the employers. Subsequently, these employees are given an opportunity to train and upgrade their skill sets. 

Conflict Resolution:

There are instance in a corporate culture where there is a strong difference of opinion between the management and the employee, or between employees. Such differences can lead to corporate bad blood which is never good for the working environment. Corporate psychological counselling can bring both parties to the counselling session and try to draw out a map of truce. If the conflict is resolved by dialogue, it means well for the organization. It brings down the attrition rate and develops corporate loyalty. Employee retention is a virtue that companies thrive for, and professional counsellors at the office help to achieve that. 

More companies across the world are recognizing the importance of professional corporate counsellors like we have at  


The life of a student is not what it used to be a decade back. The pressure to perform, the stiff competition and the rising levels of expectation have combined to make life very difficult for them. In the good old days, parents and family members, sometimes friends, were all the people a student needed to talk out their problems and issues. But that does not hold true anymore, because the layers and complexities of a problem have multiplied. Students need school psychological counsellor to deal with this. 

School Psychological Counsellor

Who is a School Psychological Counsellor?

A psychological counsellor in school is someone who has the responsibility to address and resolve issues brought to their attention by students and teachers. Students who are in the middle of a problem may not be brave enough to go up and ask for help. It is the job of the counsellor to identify students with the help of teachers and mark them out as those who need psychological counselling. Then it is the job of the counsellor to offer assistance as much as they can. Sometimes, counsellors may need to involve teachers and school authorities to resolve issues. The school has to make a commitment to listen to the advice given by the counsellors. 

Some Problems Faced by Students

Students have a variety of problems. Some of them include:



This is severe for students, especially those who wish to pursue excellence. The bar of competing or the cut-off marks go higher each year. You must have read newspapers reports of some colleges in New Delhi and elsewhere having cut-off marks above 99%! If such is the state of affairs where students actually score a full cent percent in the school leaving exam, you can imagine the stress on students. 



A major concern among students, mainly teenagers, is their relationship with the opposite sex. Love, heartbreaks and other adolescent problems are very much present in schools. Schools have to be aware of this and psychological counsellors are the best professionals to deal with these issues. 


Sex Education:

Though some boards are making sex education compulsory for students, our country still shies away from this pivotal issue. Psychological counsellors can help students understand the difference between good and bad touch, predatory behaviour of perverts and other such problems. 


There are scores of other problems that school psychological counsellors in Kolkata deal with. If you require such professionals for your school, you can contact


If you look at stats released by the World Health Organization, there is a significant rise in the percentage of professionals facing burnout. The rise has been particularly steep in the last couple of years. Data pulled from Indian sources tell us that the sorry state of the economy, coupled with the failure of gigantic industries like the automobile sector, has injected a strong sense of fear: the fear of losing one’s job. 

In this climate, professionals in Kolkata, like their counterparts throughout the country, are in dire straits. They are worried about their jobs, especially for those in the private sector. This worry is making them work more than they should to keep their mental faculties intact. Too much of work during a week, that too under the severe stress of fearing one’s job loss, can lead anyone to a certain degree of burnout. 

According to our psychologists in Kolkata, there are three telltale signs of burnout:

  • If you feel lazy and lethargic all the time. 
  • If you are unable to remain productive throughout the time you are at work
  • If your opinion about the current job is cynical and pessimistic. 

These are symptoms that you don’t like what you are doing, or you are too stressed out. Psychologists warn you that you should not continue in this mental frame for long. Such situations can lead to the stress aggravating each day, leading to a condition when you will not be mentally stable enough to work at all. To avoid such a situation, you need to take your foot off the pedestal and think about your job from a different perspective.

There are some thumb rules you can follow. For example, do not take phone calls from work when you are spending time at home with your family. Similarly, do not reply to emails or instant messages during your me-time with the family. You have to get out of the 24×7 job-ready mode. You should also note here that psychologists in Kolkata say that changing the current job is not a solution because you tend to carry the burnout mental zone into your next job. 

So, it has to be addressed with the help of professional psychologists. Check up for professional psychological counseling.  


There are several levels at which the mind may feel under tremendous pressure. It can be due to studies, work, quarrels in the family, ridicule or bullying from friends and several others. All of them pile up in the mind of a teenager, or an adult. When things go really bleak, the individual can feel suicidal. What is even more alarming, suicidal thoughts are often very well suppressed by such individuals. It is only later that people come to know after some harm has been attempted. 

Psychological counselling

However, there are some symptoms that are there for anyone who has the sensitivity to read and interpret them. For example, the concerned person may come across as withdrawn and indifferent to a large extent. Talking of a world when they are not around, the benefits of ending one’s life and similar topics are also indicative of what is going on in the mind of a person. Leading such a person to a psychologist can be an uphill task. 

You have to start a bit of psychological counselling at home itself. Communication, not instruction, should be the bedrock of such counselling. People who are showing suicidal behaviour often feel disdainful of life, especially human beings. So any kind of instruction or preaching is not going to cut much ice. Instead, communication can break barriers and get them to vent out their pent-up feelings. When they start speaking and sharing their views, their resolve to end their life starts thawing.

Communication does not always mean that you tell them what and how they should think in order to avoid suicidal thoughts. It means sharing their burden by offering a patient, non-judgemental listening ear. Let them talk and give you a glimpse into their world of thoughts. Instead of asking questions, or offering opinions, just listen and try to understand the person. In due time, you will see a pattern emerging through what they are saying. Even if you cannot take the concerned person to a trained psychologist in Kolkata, if you can share these communicated words with the psychologist, it can become easier to diagnose what is wrong.

It is not advisable that you ignore a person with suicidal behaviour. Consult our trained psychologists at


Feeling anxious and worried in daily life is the new normal of modern existence! There are so many variables in life that are beyond your control. So it becomes difficult for people to handle their anxieties in a mature manner all the time. There are also certain types of personalities who are more prone to being anxious than others. Little things worry them too much. People who like to control things and cannot bear to take what comes to them in the natural flow of things also suffer from anxiety more often than not. 

Anxiety disorders

Let us look at some examples of how anxiety can creep up and stop you from leading a meaningful life:

  • Controlling People: Urban slang categorizes such personalities as ‘control freak’. These persons are unable to let things flow. They want the control firmly in their grip and begin to lose their mind when that is not the case. There are so many factors beyond human control. However, such people fail to understand this or reconcile to the fact that there are factors beyond their control. Controlling everything is a major trigger of anxiety for them. 
  • Intolerant of Uncertainty: Certainty about matters and situations change constantly. People who suffer from anxiety disorders cannot tolerate situations where they cannot see the immediate future path clearly ahead of them. They cannot come to terms with an uncertain and vague path to the future. Their planning and strategizing are of micro-level and they cannot stay calm if things get topsy-turvy.
  • Illogical Expectations: All of us expect something from ourselves or from people around us. The problem jumps up when this expectation has no strings tied to reality. In such cases, the illogical expectation will cause major anxiety disorders because you are getting anxious about something which is not going to happen! If you expect something that is unachievable by any reasonable explanation, you are setting yourself up for anxiety which has no remedy.
  • Over-planning: Anxiety disorders are common among people who over-plan. It is not possible to micro-manage everything. If you plan too thoroughly, you are loading each step of the plan with a lot of your own emotions. As a result, you are bound to feel anxious that each step may come off just as you had planned. If they don’t, you feel increasingly anxious.

If you belong to any of these categories and feel things getting out of grip, consult a psychologist in Kolkata through 


Kids suffering from autism have a lot on their plate. To start with, they do not understand their own role in the world. That is not an envious position, not in the least. Moreover, they cannot socialize much with their peers. They are constantly told and made to feel that they are different and require preferential treatment. This can lead to low self-esteem and a strong sense of inferiority complex. Because of autism, they are unable to understand the connection between their mental and physical state. 

Autism is no longer the problem it used to be, coupled with the social stigma. In today’s world, autistic kids are no longer relegated to the fences. There are lots of instances when autistic kids have taken the center stage and owned it as they belong there! You will find several instances of autistic kids growing up to be successful in their own domains. Parents of autistic kids these days understand that with the right kind of help and support, especially from them, autistic kids can conquer the world.

Psychological counseling can help immensely with autistic kids. Such kids require boosts of self-confidence and they need to be told that they good enough for the task at hand. Psychologists, with their training and patience, can lend a patient ear to the demands and problems of autistic kids. They have their own issues and complaints against people in general, and their immediate close circle in specific. Psychologists can decode their messages and expectations. This surely adds a new dimension to the way autistic kids look at the world: usually with fear and apprehension. 

Autistic kids need to be told that they capable of great feats, except that they can achieve it only when they stop comparing themselves to others. No one dictates what is ‘normal’ and that is why autistic kids have no hiccups on their path to lead fruitful lives. A trained psychologist in Kolkata understands the bottled-up feelings in the hearts and minds of autistic kids. When these kids find a friend in the psychologist, they will be more forthcoming in their thoughts and sharing them with parents, friends or family. 

If you want psychological help for autistic kids, get in touch with


Dissociative identity disorder or DID is popularly known as split personality disorder. The reason for this moniker is that there are more than one self within the body of the person affected. There can be two or more ‘alter’ egos present in the body of a single person. The affected person switches between these different and disparate personalities at uncertain times of the clock. The switch can happen after seconds, minutes or even days. No one can predict it, not even the person affected. 

Split personality disorder has been the theme of several movies across the globe. Sometimes, there are multiple personalities present in a single person, which is termed multiple personality disorder. Therapists are able to bring out these various personalities through hypnosis. During the process, the affected person may reveal personalities which are totally different from each other, or from the person who is affected by it. There are differences of gender, race, ethnicity or even location. 

It cannot be said for certain as to who is affected by split personality disorder. There is no direct link or pattern visible for psychologists to make a calculated guess. But psychologists in Kolkata at say that the victims are usually those who have suffered repeated mental, physical or sexual abuse at some point in their early life, usually before the age of 6. The repeated brutality triggers the mind to develop personalities that are antithesis to the real one. It is like a defence mechanism to overcome the extreme trauma faced by the victim. 

There are reported instances of violence committed by persons affected by split personality disorder. The violence may be directed towards a person or group which may be the tormentor of the person. The violence may even be directed towards the self in response to their inability to fight back. That is why people suffering from split personality disorder require immediate treatment. It is not just the switching phase which is dangerous. Such people can experience severe headache and loss of time. When they switch, they are unable to recall anything they do during that phase when the other personality takes over.

Trained and professional psychologists in Kolkata should be consulted to help the affected person cope with this form of mental ailment. 


Losing a job can have disastrous consequences on the mind. If you have worked somewhere for years, leaving behind all those co-workers and the many relationships you have forged during your time there, can be a harrowing task. The sudden financial insecurity is another problem that job losers have to work on, especially because almost everyone has EMIs to pay. The abrupt landing from a financially secure place to a totally vague future is a lot to take in. 

Many job losers get really angry and depressed, losing every desire to get up from bed and look for another job. Even if they try to get over the period by working feverishly on their resumes and touching base with professional contacts, that initial euphoria dies down in a while when you don’t get a job immediately. This period of rejection from potential employers is too tough to handle because it only makes you more desperate and worried. 

Such a mental state is never idle for job seekers. If you are depressed and look beaten, you will find it tough to convince interviewers that you are ready for a new job. Your state of hopelessness shines through and you don’t get the job despite having the qualifications. This is when you need to work on your mind with the help of a psychologist. A trained, professional psychologist will work on your mental issues and address your fears. 

More often than not, it is the fear of living as an unemployed person despite several financial commitments on the table is what scares the living daylights out of anyone. But if you continue to dwell on the fear, you will remain cooped up in this sorry state. You need to meet this phase of your life with a positive outlook. This is something that a psychologist in Kolkata will help you attain. There are group therapy and individual sessions that you can attend. It will reinstate your faith in your ability. That will go a long way in developing the right frame of mind for a job seeker. 

Get in touch with for trained psychologists in Kolkata for your personal issues like job loss stress, among other reasons. 


Anyone watching the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 or the Wimbledon Men’s Final 2019 will know what pressure games are like! As a member of the audience, we got hooked to the proceedings on the field. We jumped in our seats, sweated and at the end, were either elated or disheartened. Now imagine what the situation was on the ground for these sportsperson? They were playing a game with millions of fans hanging onto everything they do. A mistake and everything would be lost. 

Sports psychologists

If you thought that this pressure was meant only for high profile sportsperson, you cannot be farther from the truth. Any youngster playing the sport today, at any level, is subject to scrutiny. For them, the expectations of fans may not be there, but the weight of proving themselves is surely there. There are overbearing parents waiting for them to succeed, the players have high demands from their own skills and there is competition from peers to take the pedestal to the next step. All of this can be quite daunting. 

Any sportsperson wilting under pressure is bound to falter. This is where sports psychologists come into the picture. Earlier on this Moner Alo blog, we had talked about how sports psychologists can help. The demand for trained and professional sports psychologist in Kolkata is getting denser by the day. Sports aren’t just fun and games anymore, after all. It is a career option and unless youngsters settle their mental issues first, they are not going anywhere forward. Teams are hiring sports psychologists for mental conditioning. If professional sportsperson need psychological counselling, you can only imagine what rookies will need. 

What is the job of a sports psychologist? To put it simply, all they do is to help you turn your negative emotions of fear and anxiety into hope and tenacity. Fear of failure, for example, can be quite a challenge. If you convert this fear into energy to perform better, you will be a better player. A sports psychologist can help you achieve that. A sports psychologist in Kolkata will help you understand yourself better, in turn helping the process of preparing for a match and staying stable through it. 

Contact if you want to improve your mental strength as a sportsperson.  


This is a bone of contention in many circles. Parents often feel that their child cannot need psychiatric help because they have provided the child with a secure, satisfying childhood. More commonly, parents are unable to recognize the warning signs that their child may be crying for psychiatric help. To be fair to parents, you don’t have the training or the expertise to identify signs that your child has mental health issues, other than the more obvious ones. Even for those, parents tend to ignore them as something that will get better with age.

Mental health complications are anyway considered with a lot of stigma. When things get out of hand, parents tend to consult a psychiatrist. By getting out of hand, we mean cases when the child tries self-harm or talks about it. Usually, it is falling grades in studies which set off alarm bells in the minds of parents. When they come for psychiatric therapy, parents don’t like to admit that their child has a problem. The usual excuse is that they have given the child everything, why would the child feel depressed or anxious?

Do Children Need Psychiatric Help?

Psychiatrists advise parents to look out for some signs and symptoms to identify children who need immediate psychiatric intervention. Sudden loss of appetite, negligence of personal hygiene, withdrawal from social interactions and lack of interest in practically anything: these are good indicators. Sometimes, the symptoms are quite subtle and difficult to detect. This happens when the child is quite imaginative and intelligent in masking their true feelings and behavior. As parents, you have to be one step ahead in looking through such pretend.

As a parent, it is your duty to ensure that your child gets the best care they need: physical and mental. A trip to a psychiatrist doesn’t translate into “My child is mad.” In the same vein, don’t push your help down your child’s throat. Let them feel easy and be relaxed yourself. Let the psychiatrist dictate the flow of conversation during the session. Talk less and listen more. Try to look at your child through the fresh eyes of a psychiatrist. You will understand your child’s problem better. Supportive parents actually help resolve most cases of children with mental health issues.

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