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Exams and pressure comes hand in hand. Exams like boards, Joint Entrance Examination and NEET comes with a lot of pressure. So, students are under a lot of pressure to perform. The funny part is that this pressure to perform is what ultimately affects the performance adversely. Students often bungle up easy questions and solutions because they are too worried about the results. They want to get everything correct and in the process, make a hash of a lot of otherwise easy questions.

Psychological Counselling | Psychiatrist | Psychology | Moner Alo

There are students who are more critically affected by examination trauma, something that is quite normal for learners. The fear of assessment doesn’t allow them to study freely, affecting their health and general well-being. These juniors should immediately consult the best psychologist in Kolkata that they can find at Moner Alo. If not treated properly, examination fever can lead to long-term mental and behavioural disorder.

The most common form of stress is the urge of the student to not appear for the test. They are so much under pressure that they feel easier to just let the year drop, promising themselves and their parents that they will prepare better next year. For 9 out of 10 undergraduates, dropping the year will prove to be a blunder. Once out of the race, with their friends surging ahead with the flow of tide, they will feel depressed and unmotivated. It is better if they decide to appear for the assessment, with a few sessions of psychological counselling.

The pivot of psychological counselling provided at this stage is the assurance that the stress is as normal as studying and applies to scholars all over the globe. So, they don’t have to feel any different or ostracized. They will feel confident if they are rid of the guilt-feeling of not having prepared enough for the examination. Yes, some of them may have left too many things for the last minute but what’s done cannot be undone. The psychologist will not dwell on the past but what can be done to prepare the student mentally for the event.

With so much riding on these young minds, you can hardly blame them for being so stressed. Professional guidance and assurance, with confidence building measures, is the way forward for these students.


It is rather unfortunate that mental trauma and frailties are not dealt with the same seriousness as a physical injury. So, while you will not think twice about rushing your child to a physician if there are warnings of fever, you will keep pushing the date of taking your child to a psychologist if you feel that your child is behaving in an odd manner. Children have to cope with many mental challenges at home and at school. They deal with these challenges on their own, in their own way. Sometimes, they cannot keep their heads above water and need psychological counselling.

Psychological Counselling | Psychological Counselling in Kolkata | Moner Alo

Here are top 5 signs that your child may need Psychological Counselling:

  • Erratic Behaviour: Children are surely under a lot of accentuation if you watch them change their behaviour suddenly. Mood swings, excessive happiness or sadness and generally unpredictable behaviour suggest that he or she  is struggling to work out some issue or the other, or even a host of them.
  • Loss of Appetite: When faced with challenging situations, children cannot cope up at times. They get unduly worried about failing to meet expectations. Or they feel scared that their inability in a particular field will be a sore disappointment for the parents, or their friends. Such situations take away the healthy appetite of children.
  • Regressive Tendencies:kids are sure to suffer a fall in grades when they are faced with a situation that demands cognitive counselling. Their studies go for a toss simply because they cannot concentrate. They will not admit to it and try to pass off their current academic failure as an aberration. But as a parent or a guardian, you should know better and seek psychological counselling.
  • Mood Swings: Sometimes, children are in a dilemma between two extreme moods: joy and grief. At one moment they may be living a cheerful, happy life and in the next, you will find a sense of foreboding and fear on their face. They are unable to display stable behavior and get upset at small inconveniences. Mood swings are a definite a tell-tale indication of something being unnatural.
  • Death Talk: Sometimes teenagers indulge in talks of death or the concept of dying when they are mentally depressed. Continued depression brings about a feeling that death is a release and an escape. This happens when the depressed person reaches the threshold of suffering and wants things to change fast.

If you notice these worrying symptoms  in your child, get in touch with Moner Alo immediately.


At the very beginning let’s lay it down for you that anger management isn’t about not feeling angry at all! It’s about managing anger and engaging in a healthy, constructive outflow of an unavoidable emotion.

Frankly speaking, you cannot live an anger-free life. You can’t control what people say or do. What you can do is control your reaction to their words and actions. It is only human to feel angry, along with a surge to do something rash and reckless. However, such expressions of anger don’t solve any issues; rather make life difficult for you. You suffer in your personal and professionals spheres due to your inability to check or manage your anger.

Anger Management | Moner Alo | Psychological Counselling | Psychiatrist in Kolkata

You can very well try to manage anger on your own by reading up on it. But the best way out is to engage the services of a professional psychological counsellor who specialises in anger management. Like all psychological problems, anger management is not something that changes overnight. Moreover, the problem is compounded if you suffer from some chronic physical problem or mental disorders like depression or give in to some addiction.

A psychological counsellor can help you out in several ways. What works most effectively is arousing awareness in the person that they have an issue with managing anger. People who have this problem often live in denial. Unless they admit, at least to themselves, that they have anger issues, there’s nothing anyone else can do to help. Counsellors bring them out of this denial mode into accepting that they need help, without damaging their ego.

Anger management is really all about letting go of the moment when anger is triggered. Try this amazingly easy tip: the next time you are angry, count upto 20. By the time you finish, that desperate anger to rip apart something or someone dies down! Add another minute to this initial 20 and you will feel calm and composed, ready for a reasonable reaction to the problem at hand. Professional counsellors help you attain this zen state of mind by teaching you some other mental hacks.

Finally, psychological counselling will entail learning how to effectively communicate your feelings of anger and hurt. It need not always be through yelling or using cuss words. Listening is an effective tool. Hear out the other person and you will not feel so angry at the end of it.

For anger management help, get in touch with the best psychiatrist in Kolkata at Moner Alo.


We have all come across bullies in school and during our teenage years. Yes, some of us still face bullies at workplace or in the family. However, after one attains adulthood, he or she is more capable of dealing with bullies and standing up to them against unfair treatment. During the teenage years, and in the years before, bullies can have a deep impact on formative minds. Yet, you must understand that bullies themselves require psychological counselling and not just their victims.

psychological counselling | moner alo | psychological counselling in Kolkata | psychiatrist in Kolkata | best psychologist in Phool bagan


Psychological Counselling – How Normal Children Starts to Bully Others

Let’s understand what makes a normal student in school a bully. There are several reasons. For example, the child may be mimicking the bullying behaviour of parents or tutors at home or in school. Children are easily affected by the behaviour of the adults around them. As a result, they try to imitate or replicate that behaviour on less intimidating victims, which are usually their meeker classmates. More often than not, the bullies themselves may be at the receiving end of such treatment at home from abusive adults, even parents.

Now let us turn our attention to the victims. A child who is suffering at the hands of a bully, or bullies, may find it increasingly difficult to seek help. They are unlikely to open up to parents or even teachers in school. But there are tell-tale signs of a child tormented by bullying. Low self-esteem, rock-bottom self-confidence and unusually quiet nature all of a sudden are some signs that a child may be reeling under a bully. Identifying such students and leading them to psychological counselling is the job of the school, especially the teachers.

Professional psychological counsellors can address the issue of bullying at its head: the genesis of this kind of behaviour. Rebukes and reprimands are not advisable to deal with bullying, even with the perpetrators. Students on both sides of the coin, the oppressor and oppressed, need a patient hearing so that they can talk about their problems. When the root cause of the problem is addressed, bullying behaviour usually subsides. A case in point is how teenage bullies often end up being normal, sensitive human beings. This is because they are able to deal with their inner demons psychologically.

That is exactly what psychologists need to do in schools.

We will share more in future on how psychological counselling can help children to stop being bullied and to stop bullying at the same time.



Psychological counselling in Kolkata or elsewhere isn’t always about one-on-one sessions between the psychologist or psychiatrist and the patient. Sometimes, these face-to-face interactions can be counterproductive, especially when the patient is not comfortable in discussing issues in a very close-knit framework. Such patients find the voice to express themselves when they are put in a room with other similar personalities. Each draws strength and confidence from the other and if the psychologist merely sits in on the session, they can learn volumes about each patient in the room.

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Such sessions are popularly known as group therapy: psychological therapy in a group of similar profiles. The best psychiatrists across the globe have placed their faith on this method as an alternative to interpersonal therapy sessions, or even medication. However, it must be pointed out at the very onset that group therapy sessions are not suited for patients with immediate or acute needs. It is only when the patient is on the path of recovery or need to acquire some social skills as part of the recovery process that group therapy is prescribed.

The greatest fear of a person grappling with mental issues is that they think that they are alone. That itself gives them panic attacks and severe depression. Group therapy takes away this fear from the equation. When a patient finds like-minded and allied souls in a room, they feel less alienated about their mental condition. They find people on their wavelength, sharing their thoughts and ideas, which in turn, giving them a voice to express their own minds. It is a symbiotic interaction that is a win-win for all of the patients participating in the group therapy.

Group therapy sessions throw up success stories. There are survivors of mental illness in Kolkata and their stories of recovery and getting a grip on their lives is inspirational to those still struggling to find their true mettle. Nothing leads better than by example. Group therapy units have people who are now living normal, healthy lives with their families and loved ones. Such stories radiate a sense of aspiration as well for those still bubbling under the surface. A psychologist can channel the stories to create more ones.

Group therapy is actually beneficial for many. Experience a better life with Group therapy from Moner Alo.


The percentage of divorce is increasing at a rapid rate currently. Kolkata too is not immune from estranged relationships. Couples are getting separated at an early stage of their marriages. There are several factors contributing to estranged relationships and divorce. There are many couples who want to rekindle their relationship and have become successful to a greater extent by seeking counselling from a couple counselling expert. Do you feel your relationship is falling apart? Do you feel you cannot make your spouse happy? Is it becoming tough to live under one roof with your spouse? Wait a bit before you take a drastic decision. Would you like to give another shot to your relationship? Head to our psychiatric centre, Moner Alo, where we are successful in binding couples back with love by our couple counseling service.

Why should you trust  Moner Alo for couple counselling?

Marriage Counselor in Kolkata | Couple Counseling service | Psychological Counselors in Barasat | Psychiatric Treatment Center at Phoolbagan

Our psychiatric center comprises a dedicated team of psychiatrists and psychologists who are experts in treating all types of mental disorders. Our psychiatrists provide effective marriage counseling to the patients. With the help of accurate diagnosis and counseling, we have restored broken relationships. We offer various types of counselling such as adolescence counselling, child counselling, depression counselling etc apart from the relationship counselling. Visit our psychiatric clinic in Barasat or Phoolbagan to get the best solutions for all your psychological problems.

Counselling is your best bet

Breaking up a relationship is not a solution. When you can get the help of top psychological counselors in Kolkata for couple counseling, then you should make the most of it. Get the spark of love back in your relationship by having a proper counselling from our trained counsellors. Our psychologists will try to figure out the reasons for estrangement in your relationship. Once the cause is known, then the treatment is done by removing negative thoughts and by instilling positive thoughts in a client’s mind. The aim of counselling is to create a harmonious relationship between couples by telling them how to channelize anger in a right path and by improving their communication and assertiveness skills.

Unfollow the path of separation and bloom the seed of love in your relationship. Get the consultation from the best psychiatrist in Kolkata to get your relationship back on track.


Do you get mood swings on and off? Do you feel extremely happy on small things? Do you feel extremely low at times? If yes, then you should get a psychological counselings from a psychiatrist or psychologist in Kolkata because you may be suffering from the bipolar disorder.

But how can you understand if you are a victim of this bipolar disorder?

  • Check on your emotional highs and lows:

You should be happy at all times. But, if you cannot control your happiness and start expressing it in unusual ways, then it is time to check on your behaviour. The feeling of being overly happy or overly sad is not seen as a normal behaviour. If the bouts of depression or ecstasy persist for a long time, then you should know that you are suffering from bipolar disorder.

Bipolar Mood Swing | Bipolar Disorder | psychological counselling | Psychologists in Kolkata | top psychological counseling clinic in Barasat | Phoolbagan

  • A glimpse on bipolar disorder:

According to the top psychologists in Kolkata, Bipolar disorder is a psychological disease which results in excessive mood swings. In this, a person feels himself or herself on cloud nine. This is one type of bipolar disorder. The other side of this psychological problem is when a person feels highly dejected or suicidal tendencies crop up in their mind. You should not overlook such unusual mood swings. If you go through this mood swing or if you come across any of your close ones going through the same, you should consult an experienced psychiatrist immediately.

  • Factors contributing to bipolar disorder:

A) In females, it is the hormonal imbalance which should be blamed for triggering bipolar disorders. The irregular hormonal changes give rise to the abnormalities of mood and behaviour.

B) Is it in your genes? Yes, the genes could be responsible for your constant mood swings, as the psychiatrists say. If any of your family members have the problem of mood swings, then you are most likely to have the same mental disorder.

C) Prolonged use of medication and the consumption of drugs and alcohol can be the cause of bipolar disorder.

  • Signs to notice:

1. Uncontrolled excitement.
2. Overly optimistic.
3. Trouble focussing on one particular thing.
4. High libido.
5. Thoughts of suicide.
6. Either having too much of sleep or having very less sleep.
7. Not showing interest towards food.
8. Inactive or slugging attitude.

With the help of psychological counselling and right therapies, the problem of bipolar disorder can be cured completely. Get diagnosed as early as possible to get a permanent relief from this mental illness.


A bad mood can dampen your day and can act as a roadblock in your career and life. To tackle with mood swings and depression, you should get the best psychological counselling in Kolkata.

The blues of bad mood:

At times, you cannot meet your parent’s expectation of ranking first in the class which makes you fall in the pit of bad mood. You have a conflict with your spouse for the last several months which has pushed you in a state of bad mood. You have no job and the prolong unemployment has given you the bouts of bad mood. If neglected, this also gets converted into depression. Unfavorable circumstances and setbacks occur which depress a person to a greater extent.

Psychological Counseling | Bad Mood | Psychiatrists in Kolkata | Psychological Counseling | Moner Alo
Root causes of depression:

Depression gives birth to anger, blocks your thought process and leaves you miserable at all times. The reasons of depression are unhealthy relationships, internet addict, thyroid disorder, excessive use of medications, loss of near ones, insomnia, and consumption of alcohol and smoking. To get rid of depression, you should seek help of an expert counsellor. For seeking assistance for any such matter, contact our reputed health care and psychiatry centre in Kolkata.

Sustain your mental health with Moner Alo:

At Moner Alo, we treat patients who suffer from mental diseases. Our niche is in curing our patients who are going through the issues of depression. Often, our patients complain about their bad mood. The reason is being depressed from within. We have highly trained psychiatrists who are best in the treatment of mental illness. Depending on the patient’s mental illness, the counselling methods will be used accordingly.

Perk up your bad mood:

You feel low and depressed and often encounter with mood swings and bad mood. However, taming your mood is not good for your health. Get the best anxiety treatment & stress management counseling in Kolkata. Avail the psychiatry services from our acclaimed psychological centre. Whether it is your bad mood or depression, you will be healed from all psychological ailments by way of a comprehensive counselling, proper guidance and medical treatments. You can also avail a cost-effective solution with a free consultation.

Before your bad mood takes a toll on your life, consult the best psychiatrist in Kolkata to get a permanent riddance from it and depression.


Adolescence is called the age or period of turbulence, where every individual goes through certain changes in their mental as well as physical structure. This is the best time when an individual should undergo counseling. Psychological counseling is very much in practice in India; hence Kolkata is also not lagging behind. We at Moner Alo, arrange different counseling sessions for adolescents time to time.

Why is Adolescent Counseling Required?

Adlocent Counseling | Psychological Treatments in Kolkata | Psychiatric treatments in Barasat | Child Counseling

  • Adolescent counseling is aimed at young people to help them make sense of their feelings, behaviors and thoughts and entails the use of unique techniques. Thus, our team at Moner Alo diagnoses the problematic behavior of the concerned individuals and they have to go through certain counseling sessions accordingly.
  • Any parent can attest to the fact that the adolescence stage of any child can be extremely difficult and confusing. Hence, it is very important for parents to handle their adolescent children in the best ways. Thus, these counseling sessions are organized and they turn out to be effective, most of the time.
  • Moner Alo is certainly a reliable service for anxiety treatment & stress management in Kolkata. Anxiety is yet another problem faced by adolescents which become very tough to handle. Hence, these counseling sessions are needed.
  • Interactive counseling workshops are often performed with the main intention of counseling groups of young adults all at once. During such workshops, adolescents participate in different one on one and interactive activities like talks, games and other practical sessions. Our team at Moner Alo mainly focuses on these activity based counseling sessions that have been very fruitful.
  • One-on-One adolescent counseling involves having the adolescent attend counseling sessions. And this is also needed at times to diagnose the basic problems.

Adolescence is the most complicated phase of one’s life. These adolescent counseling sessions focus not only on the patient but also on the patient’s family and this is what we do at Moner Alo. Our counselors prefer involving the family as they play a crucial role in the adolescent’s life and will determine how well the young adult will handle the changes they are experiencing.


The mind is described as the faculty of one’s thoughts, actions and consciousness. It is the mind and mental element that plays a vital role in each and every sphere of life. It is usually said that children have sharp minds. They can catch things easily and store in their mind. With age, our mind becomes sluggish. Sometimes aged people tend to forget about their activities. To be very specific, it is not ageing but some type of organic disorder that lead to this type of habit.

So How To Make Your Mind Sharp?

Keep Your Mind Sharp | Psychological Counseling | Psychiatric Treatment in Kolkata | Psychologists in Phoolbagan | stress management | anxiety treatment

  • Various types of psychological counselling have revealed the fact that learning is the best way to keep the mind sharp. The advanced system of learning is a good way to keep mind active and strong. Read more books. This will enhance the memory.
  • Using all the senses properly is also a good way to maintain a sharp mind. This will assist the brain to retain the memory.
  • Repetition is a very good way to keep the memory fresh and alive. It is equally important to keep the memory sharp.
  • Sometimes people suffer from various types of anxieties. However, there are ample organizations for anxiety treatment & stress management in Kolkata.

Other points to keep in mind: Sometimes it may happen that people forget about any incident. In such a case, never feel discouraged. This may awake the negative energies and thought in mind. It can be said that when memory remains sharp, people feel highly motivated. Remember that your mind too needs rest and sleep. Thus, in order to refresh the mind, sleeping and eating timely is essential. Noting down everything is not a solution. Simply store the things in mind. It will help a lot.

In addition, observation is equally important. Simple observation can solve a lot of problems. Consult the best psychiatrist in Kolkata who would also establish the fact that simple living and learning is the ideal way to have sharp memories. The more people will grow the habit of learning, the more they will achieve success. People often rush to doctors for loss of memories. However, by following the above steps it is quite easy to keep your mind sharp.

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