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Dissociative identity disorder or DID is popularly known as split personality disorder. The reason for this moniker is that there are more than one self within the body of the person affected. There can be two or more ‘alter’ egos present in the body of a single person. The affected person switches between these different and disparate personalities at uncertain times of the clock. The switch can happen after seconds, minutes or even days. No one can predict it, not even the person affected. 

Split personality disorder has been the theme of several movies across the globe. Sometimes, there are multiple personalities present in a single person, which is termed multiple personality disorder. Therapists are able to bring out these various personalities through hypnosis. During the process, the affected person may reveal personalities which are totally different from each other, or from the person who is affected by it. There are differences of gender, race, ethnicity or even location. 

It cannot be said for certain as to who is affected by split personality disorder. There is no direct link or pattern visible for psychologists to make a calculated guess. But psychologists in Kolkata at say that the victims are usually those who have suffered repeated mental, physical or sexual abuse at some point in their early life, usually before the age of 6. The repeated brutality triggers the mind to develop personalities that are antithesis to the real one. It is like a defence mechanism to overcome the extreme trauma faced by the victim. 

There are reported instances of violence committed by persons affected by split personality disorder. The violence may be directed towards a person or group which may be the tormentor of the person. The violence may even be directed towards the self in response to their inability to fight back. That is why people suffering from split personality disorder require immediate treatment. It is not just the switching phase which is dangerous. Such people can experience severe headache and loss of time. When they switch, they are unable to recall anything they do during that phase when the other personality takes over.

Trained and professional psychologists in Kolkata should be consulted to help the affected person cope with this form of mental ailment. 


Losing a job can have disastrous consequences on the mind. If you have worked somewhere for years, leaving behind all those co-workers and the many relationships you have forged during your time there, can be a harrowing task. The sudden financial insecurity is another problem that job losers have to work on, especially because almost everyone has EMIs to pay. The abrupt landing from a financially secure place to a totally vague future is a lot to take in. 

Many job losers get really angry and depressed, losing every desire to get up from bed and look for another job. Even if they try to get over the period by working feverishly on their resumes and touching base with professional contacts, that initial euphoria dies down in a while when you don’t get a job immediately. This period of rejection from potential employers is too tough to handle because it only makes you more desperate and worried. 

Such a mental state is never idle for job seekers. If you are depressed and look beaten, you will find it tough to convince interviewers that you are ready for a new job. Your state of hopelessness shines through and you don’t get the job despite having the qualifications. This is when you need to work on your mind with the help of a psychologist. A trained, professional psychologist will work on your mental issues and address your fears. 

More often than not, it is the fear of living as an unemployed person despite several financial commitments on the table is what scares the living daylights out of anyone. But if you continue to dwell on the fear, you will remain cooped up in this sorry state. You need to meet this phase of your life with a positive outlook. This is something that a psychologist in Kolkata will help you attain. There are group therapy and individual sessions that you can attend. It will reinstate your faith in your ability. That will go a long way in developing the right frame of mind for a job seeker. 

Get in touch with for trained psychologists in Kolkata for your personal issues like job loss stress, among other reasons. 


Anyone watching the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 or the Wimbledon Men’s Final 2019 will know what pressure games are like! As a member of the audience, we got hooked to the proceedings on the field. We jumped in our seats, sweated and at the end, were either elated or disheartened. Now imagine what the situation was on the ground for these sportsperson? They were playing a game with millions of fans hanging onto everything they do. A mistake and everything would be lost. 

Sports psychologists

If you thought that this pressure was meant only for high profile sportsperson, you cannot be farther from the truth. Any youngster playing the sport today, at any level, is subject to scrutiny. For them, the expectations of fans may not be there, but the weight of proving themselves is surely there. There are overbearing parents waiting for them to succeed, the players have high demands from their own skills and there is competition from peers to take the pedestal to the next step. All of this can be quite daunting. 

Any sportsperson wilting under pressure is bound to falter. This is where sports psychologists come into the picture. Earlier on this Moner Alo blog, we had talked about how sports psychologists can help. The demand for trained and professional sports psychologist in Kolkata is getting denser by the day. Sports aren’t just fun and games anymore, after all. It is a career option and unless youngsters settle their mental issues first, they are not going anywhere forward. Teams are hiring sports psychologists for mental conditioning. If professional sportsperson need psychological counselling, you can only imagine what rookies will need. 

What is the job of a sports psychologist? To put it simply, all they do is to help you turn your negative emotions of fear and anxiety into hope and tenacity. Fear of failure, for example, can be quite a challenge. If you convert this fear into energy to perform better, you will be a better player. A sports psychologist can help you achieve that. A sports psychologist in Kolkata will help you understand yourself better, in turn helping the process of preparing for a match and staying stable through it. 

Contact if you want to improve your mental strength as a sportsperson.  


This is a bone of contention in many circles. Parents often feel that their child cannot need psychiatric help because they have provided the child with a secure, satisfying childhood. More commonly, parents are unable to recognize the warning signs that their child may be crying for psychiatric help. To be fair to parents, you don’t have the training or the expertise to identify signs that your child has mental health issues, other than the more obvious ones. Even for those, parents tend to ignore them as something that will get better with age.

Mental health complications are anyway considered with a lot of stigma. When things get out of hand, parents tend to consult a psychiatrist. By getting out of hand, we mean cases when the child tries self-harm or talks about it. Usually, it is falling grades in studies which set off alarm bells in the minds of parents. When they come for psychiatric therapy, parents don’t like to admit that their child has a problem. The usual excuse is that they have given the child everything, why would the child feel depressed or anxious?

Do Children Need Psychiatric Help?

Psychiatrists advise parents to look out for some signs and symptoms to identify children who need immediate psychiatric intervention. Sudden loss of appetite, negligence of personal hygiene, withdrawal from social interactions and lack of interest in practically anything: these are good indicators. Sometimes, the symptoms are quite subtle and difficult to detect. This happens when the child is quite imaginative and intelligent in masking their true feelings and behavior. As parents, you have to be one step ahead in looking through such pretend.

As a parent, it is your duty to ensure that your child gets the best care they need: physical and mental. A trip to a psychiatrist doesn’t translate into “My child is mad.” In the same vein, don’t push your help down your child’s throat. Let them feel easy and be relaxed yourself. Let the psychiatrist dictate the flow of conversation during the session. Talk less and listen more. Try to look at your child through the fresh eyes of a psychiatrist. You will understand your child’s problem better. Supportive parents actually help resolve most cases of children with mental health issues.


Parenting is a tough job for any parent. The case becomes more complicated and stressful when we talk about parents of children with behavioral disturbances. These children are unable to process simple instructions and may throw tantrums at various times of the day. Things can get really hard and tiring for the parents. Even if they hire help, they will never be able to fully entrust such children to others. Parents are likely to fret over small matters, driving up their worry factor by several notches.

While such stress is okay for the human brain for a few days, but if sustained for prolonged periods, it can lead to mental disorders like depression. For parents, the worry never goes out of their minds. So they need some help to handle this stress. Unless that is available, they will be unable to cope after a while. It is like a vicious cycle. If parents are stressed for too long, they get depressed. Such a state of depression can make the situation more stressful as the mental faculties of the parents are burdened. More stressful situations will lead to heightened depression.

Psychological Counselling for Parents of Disturbed Children

To cut through this vicious cycle, psychological counseling is needed for both parents. That would include offering psychological treatment to the disturbed children as well. This will calm down the children’s agitated minds and make things simpler for the parents. With more manageable children, they will not be so worried and stressed anymore. Psychological counselors also advise taking out time for themselves. Parents cannot continue to be parents round the clock. They must realize that they are humans and need some unwinding time.

Professional psychological counseling will help parents understand that they need to include friends and family into the picture. When they have a support system in place, they will be able to delegate a bit of duty here and there. Children will have some fun dealing with people other than their parents. A change of scenario and more people loving them will have a positive effect on their mind. Psychologists are of the view that there is harm in asking for some help to raise children from friends and family. You will be pleasantly surprised at how your support system will step up to bail you out simply because they love your children!

If you need professional psychological counseling, get in touch with


On a Sunday, we feel lazy. We want to stay in bed for that additional half an hour. During winter, we feel like remaining in bed with a blanked wrapped around. While these are normal feelings to have, there are some who suffer from something called clinomania. To put it simply, clinomania is the strong desire for a person to remain in bed. The word stems from Latin word ‘clin’ which means bed and ‘mania’ which loosely translates to madness.

As is evident from the meaning of the word clinomania, people who suffer from this problem have this strong and unnatural urge to remain cooped up in bed, even to the point of obsession or madness. They feel no desire to get out of bed and do something productive. They feel lazy and have no focus. They also feel that whatever they do will not amount to much and that is why there is no point in doing anything! Clinomania is often a byproduct of depression.


Psychological Treatment for Clinomania

People who suffer from depression lose all hope about life and what it has to offer. As a result, they laze around in bed and create imaginary cobwebs in the mind. Anyone trying to pull them out of this stupor is usually faced with a lot of resistance which may sometimes turn violent. It is only a trained psychologist who can handle the problem of clinomania and get a person to shirk off this dangerous habit. Like other mental problems, clinomania can give way to deep rooted depression.

Early stages of clinomania don’t really need medication. It is usually a case of motivating a person enough to pull themselves out of bed and do something useful with their life. Individual sessions and group therapy can come in handy. When such people find a focus back in their life, like a job or a hobby, they are most welcome to the idea of leaving their beds. The psychologist’s job is to find out what might be of interest to them and encourage them in that pursuit.

There is a strong link between clinomania and depression. People who suffer from depression usually have tendencies of clinomania but the other way is not always true. A professional psychologist can help you or anyone you know who has this problem.


Debt psychology is one of the hottest topics in the world of psychology today. More and more researchers are picking up the effect of debt on people as their topic of study. Psychologists are keenly curious about the reasons why a person goes spinning into the spiral of debt, something that throws people into a bottomless pit. What makes matters worse for people is that the entire sales and marketing scenario encourages you to acquire debt.

There are credit card companies offering credit cards free of any charge. There are brands offering monthly installment payments on anything you buy. There are banks offering you discounts and rebates on loans. In short, the temptation of borrowing or acquiring debt is spread out, and strong. Once people start incurring debt and live the good life, on money that they don’t have to pay immediately, there is no going back from it! Your expenses and the debt amount goes up every single day, with each day hiking up the amount you have to pay.

The Downward Spiral of Debt psychology

Most people in such situations grab more debt to pay off debts that are an immediate threat. The ease of getting loans is also something that everyone has to be aware of. Unless there is a medical emergency or some other problem that leaves you no other choice but to take a loan, you should be avoiding them. Psychologists say that the first step to get out of this problem is to stop taking loans from every source, however problem-solving the debt may seem on first sight. Loans also become a sort of addiction for some, since they are not really earning the money but simply taking it without any immediate payback.

After you take the first step of avoiding any further loan, you should change your lifestyle to suit your income. Yes, it may be tough and humiliating as well but it cannot be more insulting than people asking you to repay their loans. Outstanding debt can be a huge embarrassment for the family and friends. Before they start avoiding you in fear that you will ask for a loan from them, you should get control of your life back. Psychologists address the people suffering from the addiction of asking for debt individually and in group sessions of like-minded people.

Get professional help if you cannot help yourself from getting more debt. Our trained psychologists at can help you.


Each year, this is the time when all the major exams take place. Students all over the country are under tremendous stress because of these exams. There is pressure to perform because the competition is stiff and unless you get really good marks, your future plans will receive some cruel dents. However, it is more important than ever to keep a calm head during the exam season. It doesn’t pay to get yourself worked up by worrying about consequences.
Here are some psychological tips to fight exam stress from the desks of our trained psychologists at Moner Alo, the best psychiatric unit in Kolkata.

Psychological Tips to Fight Exam Stress

First up, planning is everything. If all your tasks are organized and ready to go, you will be in a better position to complete them. Write down your to-do list and stay organized. That way, you don’t forget things and they are done in time. Otherwise, you will wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat worrying when you will complete that final chapter of physics! If your planning is sorted, you are confident that all bases are covered.

Secondly, leave some time for yourself. For mental relaxation, you need some exercise, listening to music, watching TV or simply cleaning your own room. It depends on you what you prefer. Whatever your choice of leisure may be, make sure that you stitch it into your daily routine. Avoid studying for hours on end. It achieves little because after an hour, your brain starts to wander, even with a book open in front. So make allowance for a bit of de-stressing.

Thirdly, try and be a little innovative in your approach to studying. For example, you can change the room a little to pep up your study time. Organize a study group of like-minded friends. These little changes ensure that you are not bored of studies. Remember that your goal is not enough to bring your focus and perspective at all times.

You need something more tangible every single day to motivate yourself and keep going. How you innovate your study time will bring a sense of newness to this whole routine.
We at Moner Alo wish you all the best this exam season!


In the age of social media and urban dictionaries, you must have heard about the phrase ‘drama queen’. Irrespective of gender, this phrase is used to describe people who have a special liking for drama in order to attract attention toward themselves. They want to be at the center of the limelight at all times. The moment someone else draws away the focus from them, they feel threatened and throw tantrums.

On the surface, it may seem like something harmless. After all, we all have friends and family members who fit this phrase perfectly! However, there is more to this than meets the eye. People who have a passion for drawing attention often go overboard in their effort to do so. They may adopt unhealthy practices and actions so that they focus remains of them. A case in point is that student in the class who wouldn’t obey the teacher simply because the teacher paid him attention, however negative that attention might be.

There are deep psychological reasons why some people simply cannot bear to be a part of a group, or fall back in the background. They have to be at the forefront at all times. These reasons could be rooted in their childhood when they did not get the necessary attention from their parents. Usually, a quieter sibling may find it difficult to grab the attention of parents in the presence of a more extroverted child. Such children grow a sense of fear and insecurity. They are worried that people will ignore their presence and forget all about them. They want to be remembered, no matter what.

All goes along fine as long as the attention-seeking behavior is limited to a certain extent. If that boundary is breached, psychological counseling becomes crucial. If unchecked, such behavior can lead to substance abuse and self-harm. It may also cause other psychological problems that are more harmful to the person concerned and everyone around them. So, if you know someone who is a bit of a ‘drama queen’, make sure you give them a balanced sense of attention. Ignoring or indulging can both be detrimental to their mental state.


We are living in the times of debt. There are so many avenues in which people incur debt. It can be in the form of home loans, education loans, credit card bills or simply personal loans. The ease and simplicity associated with getting a loan these days has encouraged people to incur more debt.

Since the process is easier and the number of agencies offering loans at competitive interest rates, it is a viable option to resolve your financial woes with borrowed money. It has only later than the gradually mounting EMIs become too much to bear.

Being overburdened with debt and outstanding loans can be a very damaging psychological state of mind. If you are worried about your finances, you may feel that you are constantly worried about it. Often in the night, you may wake up in cold sweat. Loans to pay can lead to depression and anger issues. You may find that your social life is up for a toss because all you can think or talk about is money. That can be quite off-putting for friends and family members. Your loans take center-stage in your life and that is not a good mental state to be in.

If you are feeling that all the above descriptions match with your mental being now, you need psychological counselling. Let’s face it, you can pay off your debts only if you are mentally stable enough to work professionally. Unless that is possible, you will find yourself out of work very soon and that will not help matters when it comes to paying off your debts. So, for your own good, you need to be in sound mental health and professionally capable. With a hangover of debt, you will find that mistakes are being made in your work and that is never a good sign.

A trained and professional psychologist will help you handle your debt worries. People in debt often get sucked into a spiral of borrowing money. You borrow money to pay off debts and it keeps getting murkier. A psychologist will help you understand the mental aspects of handling worries about finances and stop the temptation of borrowing money to combat debt.

When you get a grip on this easy way out of borrowing more money, with the help of a psychologist, you will be in a better position to pay off debts.

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