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There is a deep connection between the city of Kolkata and Bangladesh, socially, politically and economically. There are transport systems that run every day between these two destinations across rail, road, and air. No wonder therefore that Bangladeshi nationals have Kolkata at the top of the list when it comes to medical treatment or psychological counseling.

If you look at the years gone by for some statistical data to support this claim, in the period of 2015-2016, 58,000 medical visas were issued to Bangladeshi nationals for travel to India. The number of patients coming in was more than 1.5 lakhs in this same period of time. The genres of medicine which found more favor among these Bangladeshis were orthopedics, neurology, and cardiology. However, in the last couple of years, there is a spike in the number of people looking for psychological counseling in Kolkata.

There are several reasons for this spike. For starters, the facilities of offering psychiatric treatment in Kolkata is now far better than what it was even a few years back. There are centers of excellence like Moner Alo which offers the best psychiatric treatment in Kolkata. These foreign nationals of Bangladesh picked New Delhi or the southern states of India for this kind of treatment in the earlier days. However, when facilities started to improve in Kolkata, they were more comfortable opting for treatment here.

The second reason draws from the first one: the logistical convenience of opting for treatment in Kolkata. This city is geographically nearer to Bangladesh than any other major city in India. Moreover, the familiarity and points of similarity between the cultures and languages of Kolkata and Bangladesh are too obvious to ignore. People visiting here in Kolkata are more comfortable communicating in Bengali, which also happens to be their mother tongue. So, they don’t feel like they are away from home. The comfort level is of primary importance for patients, more so when they are seeking psychological treatment.

Thirdly, the costs incurred during the process of psychological evaluation and counseling is affordable in Kolkata. The city has a low cost of living, certainly lower than all the major metros of the country. As a result, Bangladeshi nationals don’t have to burn a hole in their pockets for treatment. Their currency is slightly lower on the value than the Indian rupee anyway.

All factors combined, Bangladeshis feel comfortable and convenient to look for psychological counseling in Kolkata.


There are many who have equated the task of finding the right therapist to finding the right life
partner! Surely, things don’t have to be that serious when it comes to finding a therapist who can pull you
out of a compromised mental state, but this saying is not very far from the mark. Unless you
land with the therapist best suited for you, your improvement will suffer. You will be unable to
open up your heart and mind to just about any therapist. It has to be someone you are
comfortable with, and that sense of comfort doesn’t always come with established names in this

You may visit a psychologist or psychiatrist who is very famous and is reputed to have helped
numerous people with diverse problems. That, however, doesn’t assure you that this person is
best suited as your therapist as well. On the other hand, a lesser known therapist may just be the
person you are looking for, and feel comfortable and assured about. You are the best judge in
this regard, especially about the comfort part of the equation.

There are pointers, of course, that can lead you to make an informed choice. During the
reconnaissance period, when you are looking at options through online searches or asking your
friends for recommendations, you can find out about the body of work done by the psychologist
or psychiatrist. If you find that the person specializes in the kind of treatment you are looking
for, you can go ahead and book an appointment. Or you can look further till you find a person
with the relevant experience.

There is also the factor of methodology. Some psychiatrists prefer medication while others rely
on other forms of therapy, like group or music therapy, depending on the case. If you are
someone who feels that medication should be the last resort in therapy, you can pick a
psychiatrist who thinks likewise. There are tons of online data available for you to do your
homework on the psychologists of your choice. Again, this is very similar to finding as much
information about the person you’re about to date!

Sometimes, you are unsure whether you need a psychologist or a psychiatrist. It depends on the
severity of the situation, which the person affected may not be in the best position to judge. A
general physician can direct you towards the right channel of treatment. You can also speak to
counselors at Moner Alo who can guide you on the path to recovery.


Stress and the illnesses caused by it are a proven reality in the current state of our society. More often than not, people get drawn to the adverse effects that these bring and are sucked into the ever-hungry loop of fatal diseases. Well, ever wondered what might cure the anxiety and stress related illnesses that are eating you up? Psychological counseling is one of the primary options to do so.

How to manage stress?

We, at Moner Alo provide psychological counseling and anxiety treatment in Kolkata to the ones in need. While it’s easier said than done, for most people stress can be dealt with good habits. Just subtle changes to one’s daily routine could bring a whole world of change! There are a few effective habits of handling stress and anxiety. These, if applied properly to the daily routine, are capable of managing anxiety.

The best psychiatrists in Kolkata often prescribe these simple yet effective good habits that help reduce the stress factor.

  • A healthy diet is a necessity to counter stress.
  • Sleep depravity is the cause. Stress is the effect. A proper sleeping schedule relieves one from stress.
  • Yoga and physical exercises affect the mind in a positive way. An unfit body causes an unfit mind.
  • A happy mind does not stress. Listening to your heart and doing what you enjoy can reduce the amount of stress.
  • Meditation is a very helpful method of calming the mind and handling mental happiness, thus reducing restlessness.
  • Another way of managing stress is by managing time. The better one is at it, the better his/her chances of managing stress becomes.

Overcoming stress is one of the hardest tasks one has to face. It’s a problem that may lead to threatening diseases; yet it is often overlooked as something ordinary. Society doesn’t always realize that it can be fatal, if not properly attended. The general mindset regarding this needs a serious tweak, and the sooner it is done, the easier it’ll be to help people that suffer. Psychological counseling deals with creating a better conscience about this and helps to make a change!


People often confuse kleptomania with shoplifting.

Shoplifting is when a person picks up something from a shop because they are unable to pay for it. Or, they simply want to possess something that they dearly want to own. Kleptomania is vastly different from this impulse. Kleptomaniacs are not interested in the monetary value of something that they pick up or steal. There is a strong chance that they might return the stolen object later on, surreptitiously. So, in the very principle itself, there is a difference.

It was important to clear out the difference at the very start to ensure that people trying to understand and find psychological counselling for kleptomania do not end up trivializing the problem by equating it with shoplifting. While a person can control the desire to steal something that they want, it is greatly problematic to stop oneself from picking up something that they don’t really need. They would probably just throw it away or keep it lying around somewhere, unused and forgotten.

However, kleptomania brings with it a lot of social stigma. People at large don’t care for a person’s reason or objective to pick something up, even if it has no material value. People don’t differentiate between a thief and a kleptomaniac. So, people who suffer from this problem should get psychological counselling at the earliest. Since kleptomaniacs don’t steal by planning their move, and is just an impulse call, they may end up getting caught sooner than later. But the mental disorder doesn’t rule out planning completely. For example, a kleptomaniac will not steal something right in front of a security personnel or the object’s owner.

It is entirely the thrill of stealing something, that sense of instant gratification that drives a kleptomaniac. It is form of addiction, to put it simply. Any scope of stealing something and the person concerned doesn’t feel themselves able to hold back. More often than not, they end up feeling very guilty later on, as is the case with other forms of addiction.

There are various planks of psychological counselling and therapy to combat kleptomania. For starters, there is behaviour modification therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. Medicines like selective serotonin re uptake inhibitors or SSRIs are also useful.

Get in touch with Moner Alo if you know someone who is struggling with the problem of kleptomania.    


You must have read it in the newspapers how the CEO of Apple Inc., Tim Cook, stated that they are developing features and apps that help users limit their use of iphones and ipads. According to data collected and collated by Apple, overuse of gadgets is now the new menace that people have to fight with, especially teenagers. This excessive use is throwing up several psychological complications, like poor self-esteem and lack of concentration in studies and work.

Psychological counselling | Mental Health | Moner Alo

The question is, how do you deal with the excessive use of gadgets?

Firstly, you should make a self-assessment about your use of gadgets. For example, start by asking yourself if you check your phone or tablet right after waking up. Or you keep checking the phone for updates on social media networks every other minute, even when you are talking to your family or having a meal with them. Checking phones and computers compulsively is a problem area that you cannot relegate to the sidelines. You need to understand that denial of the problem will only complicate matters, not solve it.

Psychological counselling is useful when this problem takes an iron grip on your life. You are unable to focus on your work and relationships. A psychologist will help you limit the use of gadgets to the minimum requirement. It is quite alright to network through social media or pass away the time playing games and browsing. However, it is not proper that you allow technology to take over your life. After you reach home from work, there is really no need to check your email every now and then to catch up on work updates. You can log in next morning when you reach your desk.

A lot of it is actually discipline of the mind. You need to tell yourself that you can engaging in compulsive behavior every time you find yourself gazing into your gadgets unnecessarily. A psychologist will help you inculcate a fruitful hobby, like reading or writing. It will keep your mind off gadgets and technology. Long walks in the morning or evening and bit of exercise every day will help you gain concentration and keep you away from gadgets as well.

Dial up Moner Alo if you feel that gadgets are taking control of your life and ruining your personal and professional space.  


The figure of a psychologist in the cultural milieu of our society is quite vague. People tend to equate a psychologist as someone who is only interested in giving electrical shocks and is supposed to be the last resort of people who are raving mad! That, unfortunately, is what most perceive when you ask them about psychological counselling and psychologist. That is also why a family member or friend will recoil in pure horror if you even suggest to them that they need to see a psychologist for their mental health.

Psychologist | Mental Health | Moner Alo

In the western countries and society, the role of psychology in real life is not that neglected. People there understand and acknowledge that psychology is not for people who are obviously deranged mentally. It is also for people who are depressed, who suffer from some compulsive disorder or are simply not fit mentally to handle the complexities and challenges of daily life.

A major reason for this disparity in how psychology is culturally different in these two social frameworks is that people in India are often surrounded by well-wishers like families and friends. Anyone suffering from mental depression or feeling down and out can talk about their problem with these well-wishers. Often, the simple act of venting out the pent-up feelings can be therapeutic. After the words, which were simmering like poison, bubble over, a person feels calm and composed, in much better mental frame.

However, that group of well-wishers in the form of families and friends are now no longer an option for urban citizens living in the busy cities of India, like Kolkata. As a result, just as people in the European countries and USA, you actually have no one to talk to. Your friends and family members have their own set of problems and frustrations to deal with. They cannot take on your own issues. But your need to talk about your problems remain the same.

That is where the psychologist walks into the picture, just as it did for those citizens of first-world countries. You can now set up an appointment and talk about your fears and insecurities. Moner Alo does exactly that for you: give you a patient ear to voice your concerns in a city teeming with disparate and difficult living conditions.


Arrogance is not a quality that you are alien to! You certainly know someone or the other who is arrogant and is always trying to intimidate others. They are like classroom bullies, enjoying the act of putting down other people, completely disregarding their emotions and feelings. While reading this, are you getting a sinking feeling in your stomach that maybe these are the traits that define your own personality? If the answer is yes, you need to work on your arrogance before it consumes you.

There are several ill-effects of arrogance. We are not getting into them in this blog. This blog is about dealing with your arrogance once you have identified that you have this problem. You may ask at this point, how do I know if I am arrogant? After all, I am not able to take an objective view of my own attitude! The answer to this problem is that you can find out if you are arrogant through the opinion of friends and family. Are they afraid of sharing things with you that you may not approve? Do they feel intimidated by the high ground that you take in matters of achievement or moral compass? When you tick these boxes, you can be sure that you are arrogant.

Dealing with arrogance is a long, hard way. To be honest, the heart and the mind likes being arrogant. There is a certain joy in proving people wrong and then seeing them agree to your viewpoint. It is quite invigorating and addictive as well. However, you should understand that people are agreeing with your view simply because you are dominating them and subjugating them to surrender to your opinion. That is not called agreeing or supporting. That’s the technique of a bully and the effect is short-lived. You should learn to accommodate the views of others and respect them, just as you do yours.

Secondly, wake up to the fact that not all are uniformly talented, gifted or able. That does not make others inferior or unqualified. It may be that they did not have the same opportunities like you had. Take them in your stride to work with them. Be generous and give ample room to others. This will enable them to do their best, instead of arm-twisting them into doing things.

Arrogance can threaten and end careers and personal lives. Get in touch with Moner Alo for psychological counselling to handle your uncontrollable arrogance.


In a traditional line of thinking, schools considered teachers to be the only help and guidance that they need. Teachers were expected to take care of every need of a student, including academic and psychological requirements. However, with more recognition and acknowledgment pouring in for psychological counselling in the recent years, schools now feel obliged to have a psychological counsellor present during school hours. Why is there such a pressing need for a counsellor when there are trained teachers on board?

For starters, teachers are well-versed in the tenets of teaching and not experts in psychological evaluations. Yes, when they are trained to be teachers, they undergo learning to understand the psychology of a student and how to handle classroom situations. But these lessons are on a superficial level. The teachers are not equipped to handle psychological situations like a child thinking of harming themselves or people around them. In such cases, identifying and dealing with the situation is of primary importance.

There are so many complications in the life of a student these days. There is peer pressure, competition to get ahead of the curve, the need to pick up and master so many different disciplines like drawing and dramatics, the need to manage time without crumpling down and so many others. For a child, it just becomes too much after a point. The child is bound to feel mental fatigue and think of simply chucking it all away one fine morning! A professional psychological counsellor will set such thoughts to rest without sounding patronizing or condescending.

Students are in perennial fear of failure. Failure to attain good grades, failure to fulfill the dreams of parents and family, fear of living up to expectations and the fear of not being successful in life. These fears take a student on a downward spiral. They are totally at sea to deal with this fear and yet come up trumps in their respective fields. When the fear of failure grips a student, their grip on studies and even general behaviour goes for a toss. Students need to hold on to a firm hand in these dire straits, something that a professional counsellor can provide.

Moner Alo believes everyone can reach the peak of success with proper motivation, and parents, peers and school can contribute towards such development. So, don’t wait for disaster to happen, take the right measure before it’s too late because mental health is the most neglected topic and it’s time now to take a necessary step.


When seasons change, especially in a city like Kolkata, the effect on your daily life is wholesome. For example, spring gives way to summer, a sultry time when you don’t feel like doing anything. It is expected that people will feel a little down and out because there is so much of humidity in the air, making you sluggish and sweaty. With more heat coming your way in the coming weeks, you are bound to feel depressed. For some people, this state of depression overstays, even after summer is on in full swing.

In other countries, where winter is severe and prolonged, the same kind of feeling takes over people after the autumn season gives way to the monotonous days of winter. Psychologists call this feeling of depression as SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder. As the name suggests, this disorder is brought about by the change of seasons. Through poetry and other literature dating back centuries, we have known that nature and seasonal changes have a distinct effect on human minds. This feeling of depression is just a manifestation of this feeling, just like you feel happy when there is a burst of rain after a hot, humid day.

SAD is not easily diagnosed because it blends in so well with other normal feelings. Like, you may feel lazy and upset because of the weather, but you term this phase as a normal passing one. However, SAD creeps up slowly and takes a vicious grip on your mind. In such cases, you are unable to focus on your work or studies for days on end. You have mood swings and find it irritating to socialize, even with close family and friends. During these times, you psychological counselling. Otherwise, the vicious grip tightens on you.

There are various reasons why Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD occurs in people. The most common one is the effect of sunlight on our body clock. With daytimes varying due to change of seasons, it upsets the normal secretion of the serotonin, a neurotransmitter that controls moods and triggers feelings of depression. There is long-term cure for SAD but its most pronounced hurdle is that people are unable to recognize its danger or its mere presence.

If you are feeling unduly upset or low because of seasonal changes, contact Moner Alo for a professional psychological evaluation by the best psychologists in Kolkata.


It is most common for teenagers to display a rebellious streak. As parents, guardians or teachers, you know and understand that the teenage years are when the hormones rage through the body, with the teenager having no clue on how to handle emotions. This is the time when the fallacies of childhood slip away, revealing a dark, dispassionate world full of failed expectations. The weight of expectation that a teenager carries, coupled with lack of opportunity to vent their creative energy, all add to make a teenager rebellious against accepted norms and customs.

Psychological counselling is the best way to handle these tumultuous years, especially when matters slip out of control. Psychologists are trained to help teenagers open up their fears and anxieties, something that they cannot do in the presence of adults like parents or teachers. There’s no harm in taking a teenager to consult a psychologist or a psychiatrist.

There are three different kinds of sessions that are undertaking by psychologists in such cases: individual therapy, group therapy and family therapy.

As the tags suggest, individual therapy is one-on-one interactions with the teenager in question. No one else gets to sit on these sessions, with the conversation taking place in absolute confidentiality, even to the extent of legal boundaries. No one can ask the psychologist to reveal what was conveyed during these conversations, unless the teenager concerned is a threat to someone’s life, including themselves. So, the teenager can speak out their minds in these sessions, opening up their mind to talk about aspects that they wouldn’t express otherwise. Such sessions are cathartic and help a lot.

Group therapy is useful for teenagers when they show low self-confidence or are too self-conscious about their problem. When they are put in a room with several other teenagers with similar issues, they feel that they are not alone. This gives them the boost they need to face and overcome their problem. When they find others with similar problems, they don’t feel singled out anymore.

Finally, family therapy is conducted to reintroduce the teenager to the family. Here the concerns of the teenager are conveyed to the family and the family’s viewpoint is put across to the teenager. This opens up a channel of communication between the two parties which have regarded each other as a threat till now. With a new relationship established and trust regained, teenagers tend to curb their rebellious self to a large extent, hoping for a fresh, positive start.

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