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Almost all of us at some point or the other come across a face, but couldn’t remember the name, or remember the name but couldn’t collate the face. There are some people who cannot remember their spatial location and tend to get lost. Sometimes, even when they are a couple of blocks away from home or office, they get lost. These people have little or no sense of where they are located and where they are headed. Such a problem is known as topographic agnosia, or place blindness.

Recently a mainstream newspaper in Kolkata talked about a few persons who were found loitering around the city aimlessly. On investigation, it was found that they were lost on their way. Sympathetic locals helped them find their home. A couple of them had strayed quite far from their destination. All of them admitted to have problems finding their way back or negotiating their way through the streets of the city. Such a condition is a textbook case of topographical agnosia.

As is evident from the name, topographical agnosia refers to the inability of the person to remember his topographical location. It is a problem caused by major injury to the head. A part of the brain is tasked with the job of taking care of where you are located and to give you directions about where you want to go. A traumatic injury to the head puts this function of the brain under jeopardy. There are also cases of topographic agnosia being hereditary.

The problem of topographical agnosia can be quite frustrating, leading to other mental health issues. It is best to get help,the sooner you realize that you are having issues with your sense of direction. A trained psychologist can help you get a grip on this problem through medication, but you have to ensure that you continue taking the right dosages on time. Looking back at the incidents of such cases reported from Kolkata, at least one of them admitted to have skipped their meds before they got lost on the road. So discontinuing MEDS are a strict no-no.

If you know someone who has symptoms of topographic agnosia, you should get in touch with immediately.


You must have read in the newspapers about personalities like Mike Horn. For the uninitiated, he’s the world’s most famous explorer with several unheard of feats under his belt. However, that is not his only identity. He’s also a motivational coach and was associated with teams like Germany when they won the football World Cup and with India when they won the cricket World Cup. He’s been associated with several A-list teams across the board, irrespective of the sporting arena.

It is obvious, therefore, that his expertise in motivation does not stay limited to sporting teams or particular sporting fields. In other words, it is not the sporting field which matters, what he does to help teams and individuals is what counts. In a way, he does the job of a psychologist, delving deep into the minds of sports persons to address their lurking fears and anxieties and bringing out positive energy. If professional top grade sports persons of the globe look up  a psychological boost for their performance, imagine what amateurs in this domain would need.

Amateur Sportspersons Need Sports Psychologist

A sports psychologist can help amateur sports persons lift their game, mostly by helping them in the mental prep work. Don’t assume that such psychologists are useful for sporting persons only when they develop some problem or fall into a rut. Even at the peak of their powers, sports persons may develop feelings of anxiety or choke up during key moments of the game. Unless they are sorted out in their minds, they will be unable to deliver their best.

Amateurs, especially, are threatened by these mind games because they are yet to find sure footing in their arenas.
Our trained and professional psychologists at Moner Alo have worked with budding sports persons for some time now. During these sessions, we have focussed on how to channel all your energy into an optimum performance and how to keep your mind clear from clouded thoughts. Our psychologists insist on enjoying the sports because that is the best way in which an amateur can perform better. If they are bogged down by expectation and fear of failure, it helps no one.

If you are an amateur sports person and need help with the mental side of your game, get in touch with


It is only natural as a parent to expect from your kids. After all, it’s not just about their own life, is it? You live a bit of your life through them. The most probable reason why parents burden their children with expectations is that they try to achieve whatever they couldn’t on their own. For example, if you wanted to be a professor in a college and couldn’t reach those heights for some reason, you want your child to achieve that. The problem crops up when your child is not academically inclined at all!

Why You Need to Handle Your Expectations from Your Kids

Parents who can’t handle their expectations for kids have a very rough life ahead. The first step in this direction is that you end up alienating the very child from whom you are expecting this and that. Children feel terrible when they are unable to meet your expectations. They feel that they are letting you down and this feeling stems strongly from a sense of love. However, this disappointment doesn’t last long. Before you know it, the child becomes bitter and all their love for you turns sour. They feel that they are being unduly put to task.

More often than not, the reason your child can’t meet your expectation is because of you! After all, you have contributed to the genetic structure of the child, something that is largely responsible for ability and intelligence. So, if you are not able or intelligent enough, the child may already be at a disadvantage. There are welcome exceptions, but what if those are not in your case? In other words, you are putting the blame on your child for something which you are responsible, and something that the child has no control over.

If you feel persistent as a parent to keep expecting the skies and the stars for your child, you should consult a psychologist. A trained psychologist, like those with us at the best psychological counselling center in Kolkata Moner Alo, will help you keep a handle your expectations and how to encourage and motivate your child with positive energy. Keeping them under pressure to perform will only pull them down, instead of enhancing their achievement. On the other hand, a level-headed parent is so much more healthy for a child’s development.


In the countries of Europe or America, there are group therapy sessions under the banner of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) to deal with the problem of alcoholism. However, in India and especially in the city of Kolkata, there aren’t many such groups that will help you come out of the problem of alcoholism. This has a lot to do with the taboo surrounding the problem of drinking. Most alcoholics are unwilling to acknowledge that they have a problem and they need help. This is the biggest hurdle in dealing with the problem.

Many alcoholics do not think that they qualify as one. They live in a state of denial and get defensive, even abusive and violent, if they are pressed on this issue to seek help. What makes the problem more complicated is that when they are not under the influence of alcohol, they lead respectable, social lives. It is only when they hit the bottle that they turn into a completely different person, ignoring the interests of family, friends and their professional lives.

Psychological Counselling to Deal with Alcoholism

The job of a psychologist dealing with an alcoholic is tough because the ego and morale of the person concerned cannot be hurt. If they feel threatened or humiliated, the treatment will not go a long way. Additionally, abstaining from alcohol after prolonged addiction can lead to tremendous stress on the body, sometimes leading to seizures. So a psychologist has to be ready for such situations and discuss medications beforehand.

A major reason for alcoholism is relapsing into the habit even after kicking the bottle. Alcoholics require constant motivation so that they are encouraged to keep abstaining, despite the temptations.

Friends and family members of alcoholics have to play a strong role in their treatment. Without their support, the affected person cannot go the whole way. The worth of the person concerned needs to be emphasized regularly so that they know that their efforts in fighting alcoholism are being met with appreciation. That will motivate them further. A psychologist will have to take their family into confidence when required.

In terms of psychological counselling alone, both group and individual therapies are effective, depending upon the individual in question. However, it is wrong to think that only will power will help fight alcoholism. Alcoholics require professional psychological counselling as well.


The connection between the mental and physical health:

We have heard that our physical health is tied with our mental health. According to many studies it is claim that our physical fitness has a connection with our mental health.

For example ,if a person is feeling physically fit, then he/she will be mentally capable of coping with daily life in a better way .

Similarly, if you feel good, you will enjoy working out to improve your physical fitness. It is a one serves another and vice versa .

So, to maintain our mental health, we need to focus on our physical being first.



These are the ways which we can improve our metal as well as physical state:

Exercise and physical activity ranks at the very top of this list. As we know that “Meditation”  is the best example for this , it help us to maintain the stability of our metal condition.

According to a study it is noticed that, the people who exercise daily for about 30 minutes in day.

They are 62% more capable to handle the metal stress than the others ,like 33% for those who watch TV and 29% who are in online.

Any form of exercise, gym session or even a simple morning walk can serve the purpose.

If you are unable to carve out time for exercises, use other hacks like:

  1. Taking the stairs at all times instead of elevators or escalators.
  2. If you going for a short distance, walking or cycling is the best way.
  3. Play any kind of outdoor games in your off time.

A balanced diet ranks the second. It is very important that to maintain our diet with the exercise.

According to National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), a high percentage of sugar in the
diet is a kind of trigger to mental issues and for people who are suffering from any kind of
depression and sugar can enhance the symptoms further.

So, we need to balance out your sugar intake so that it doesn’t become a kind of addiction which is very harmful for our body. A good balance diet of proper amount of vitamins, carbohydrate and protein will help our body .

Some of the mental health issues and cures:

Finally, for a sound mental health, you need to take breaks at regular intervals travel
around. Or simply read books before going to bed, talk to your family and friends if you feel
down and out.

It’s not necessary that you have to rush for psychological counselling the
moment you feel bogged down or stressed out.
Just let out your steam for a while and you will feel ebullient. You can take up meaningful hobbies to keep yourself occupied if you feel lonely.
If nothing works, call up Moner Alo for the best psychological counselling in Kolkata.


What is ADHD?

ADHD symptoms

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a mental disorder of the neurodevelopmental type. ADHD characterized by problems paying attention, excessive activity, or difficulty controlling behaviour which is not appropriate for a person’s age.

The symptoms appear before a person is twelve years old, are present for more than six months.

Impacts of ADHD  in Teenage Children :

Teenage children are extremely difficult to deal with, most of the times. Their hormones are in a
state of rage, giving them mood swings. They are either very happy or suffering from loneliness.

This is also the age when they feel that every piece of advice given to them is a warning to them.

So, they are unable to listen to any word of advice, dismissing them as being something from people
who don’t know or understand them? These are very common among teenagers and parents
develop their own methods of dealing with these situations.

However, if your teenager suffers from ADHD, you need to get professional psychological help immediately.

The symptoms of ADHD:

  1. Teenagers suffering from this mental condition are unable to focus on anything.
  2. Gives no close attention to details.
  3. Unable to sit still in a single place.
  4. Has a short attention span and is easily distracted.
  5. Is unable to stick at tasks that are tedious or time-consuming.

ADHD can very harmful?

Research shows that teens suffering from that type of disease often end up in dangerous driving accidents because they lose their attention and focus while they are on the wheel!

Parents who have teens suffering from this are better advised to keep them away from driving.

ADHD is also affecting their studies. They are very inattentive in class. You can even find them playing with the piece of paper while the lessons are on.

According to Psychologists, teens who are suffering from that disease require more care and nurturing than others who don’t suffer from this problem.

How to cure ADHD?

A good way to deal with this problem is to keep calm at all times. It is natural for you as a parent to
get frustrated with their low grades or poor behaviour.

You may feel that they are wasting their potential and talent in trivial pursuits. Losing your own calm won’t help, but complicate matters.
Take note that pressure from your side as a parent can lead them to alcoholism or drug abuse.

Finally, consult a professional psychologist. Medication isn’t always necessary. But therapy is a must
to deal with ADHD.

Delay in treatment can be quite damaging for the teenager.






There are many who have equated the task of finding the right therapist to finding the right life
partner! Surely, things don’t have to be that serious when it comes to finding a therapist who can pull you
out of a compromised mental state, but this saying is not very far from the mark. Unless you
land with the therapist best suited for you, your improvement will suffer. You will be unable to
open up your heart and mind to just about any therapist. It has to be someone you are
comfortable with, and that sense of comfort doesn’t always come with established names in this

You may visit a psychologist or psychiatrist who is very famous and is reputed to have helped
numerous people with diverse problems. That, however, doesn’t assure you that this person is
best suited as your therapist as well. On the other hand, a lesser known therapist may just be the
person you are looking for, and feel comfortable and assured about. You are the best judge in
this regard, especially about the comfort part of the equation.

There are pointers, of course, that can lead you to make an informed choice. During the
reconnaissance period, when you are looking at options through online searches or asking your
friends for recommendations, you can find out about the body of work done by the psychologist
or psychiatrist. If you find that the person specializes in the kind of treatment you are looking
for, you can go ahead and book an appointment. Or you can look further till you find a person
with the relevant experience.

There is also the factor of methodology. Some psychiatrists prefer medication while others rely
on other forms of therapy, like group or music therapy, depending on the case. If you are
someone who feels that medication should be the last resort in therapy, you can pick a
psychiatrist who thinks likewise. There are tons of online data available for you to do your
homework on the psychologists of your choice. Again, this is very similar to finding as much
information about the person you’re about to date!

Sometimes, you are unsure whether you need a psychologist or a psychiatrist. It depends on the
severity of the situation, which the person affected may not be in the best position to judge. A
general physician can direct you towards the right channel of treatment. You can also speak to
counselors at Moner Alo who can guide you on the path to recovery.


Depression is a threat to human beings regardless of age. You can be a teen or a twenty-something and yet be a victim. But in seniors, it is very common and often unrecognizable. It’s not a flaw in their characters, nor does it prove weakness. Sometimes, it is a natural process that grips you with age! Psychological counseling offers a treatment for  depressed person.

Symptoms for depression in seniors

Depression in seniors can be recognized through various symptoms:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Feeling tired and having trouble sleeping
  • Use of alcohol
  • Feeling of helplessness and a difficulty in concentrating
  • Constant overwhelming feeling

Remedy for depression

  • We at Moner Alo, best psychiatrists in Barasat, provide top-notch counseling to older adults. The main remedy for depression is to provide psychological counseling and therapy. Depression, however bad it might be, can always be treated. Psychotherapy is a tried-and-tested form of psychological counseling.
  • Sometimes, psychologists prescribe antidepressants to the depressed individuals. But, they can have side effects, and hence, the seniors should be monitored in such cases.
  • Support groups are often very helpful for depressed seniors. Talking to people, who share the same symptoms, helps them feel safer in the environment.
  • Increased physical activity may help with depression. Also, a brand-new hobby may help pass the time, and forget about the digressional symptoms for as long as possible. It’s better for their health to stay engaged in various activities.
  • Spending more time outside than inside the closed walls of a room have immense positive effect on seniors.

At Moner Alo, we provide OCD treatment in Barasat and other areas of Kolkata. We are one of the leading psychiatric centers who see to it that our patients are absolutely cured, with no trace of mental trauma or depression justify in them. For the seniors, to grow out of depression might not be the easiest thing to do, but with continuous treatment, they can dream of a better future as well. At such an old age, their smiles and laughter matter the most, and to promise and deliver a better future for them is on top of our priority list.


Stress and the illnesses caused by it are a proven reality in the current state of our society. More often than not, people get drawn to the adverse effects that these bring and are sucked into the ever-hungry loop of fatal diseases. Well, ever wondered what might cure the anxiety and stress related illnesses that are eating you up? Psychological counseling is one of the primary options to do so.

How to manage stress?

We, at Moner Alo provide psychological counseling and anxiety treatment in Kolkata to the ones in need. While it’s easier said than done, for most people stress can be dealt with good habits. Just subtle changes to one’s daily routine could bring a whole world of change! There are a few effective habits of handling stress and anxiety. These, if applied properly to the daily routine, are capable of managing anxiety.

The best psychiatrists in Kolkata often prescribe these simple yet effective good habits that help reduce the stress factor.

  • A healthy diet is a necessity to counter stress.
  • Sleep depravity is the cause. Stress is the effect. A proper sleeping schedule relieves one from stress.
  • Yoga and physical exercises affect the mind in a positive way. An unfit body causes an unfit mind.
  • A happy mind does not stress. Listening to your heart and doing what you enjoy can reduce the amount of stress.
  • Meditation is a very helpful method of calming the mind and handling mental happiness, thus reducing restlessness.
  • Another way of managing stress is by managing time. The better one is at it, the better his/her chances of managing stress becomes.

Overcoming stress is one of the hardest tasks one has to face. It’s a problem that may lead to threatening diseases; yet it is often overlooked as something ordinary. Society doesn’t always realize that it can be fatal, if not properly attended. The general mindset regarding this needs a serious tweak, and the sooner it is done, the easier it’ll be to help people that suffer. Psychological counseling deals with creating a better conscience about this and helps to make a change!

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