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In the present economy, no matter which part of the world you are living and working, you must be worried about your job. The stress and anxiety come from the fact that there are so many others willing to work in the same conditions as you are doing now, some even at a lower pay. So, you have to be doubly good in order to survive in your current position, before you go on to improve your rank in the corporate hierarchy.

It is only natural for you to be stressed out about work. According to the American Psychological Association, professional reason was one of the most crucial factors that contributed to stress of Americans. In India as well, employees work under a lot of stress because there is so much competition. The population, coupled with the higher number of educated youngsters joining the work force every year, make it tougher for everyone to keep their jobs.

It is not enough that you are good at what you do. In order to do that, you need to manage your stress better than what you are doing now. A stressful mind, or an anxious mind, cannot accomplish much. You can feel more confident and capable if you are calm and relaxed at work. You may be sure that you are capable of dealing with whatever stress work throws your way. But there is only so much that the mind can take! What’s worse, you may never know for sure when you tip over.

Psychological counselling is the best way to deal with work stress. A trained psychologist can delve into the abyss of your mind and detect the specific reasons why you are stressed.

Psychological counselling is the best way to deal with work stress. A trained psychologist can delve into the abyss of your mind and detect the specific reasons why you are stressed. Are you worried that losing the job would leave you with hefty EMIs to pay every month? Are you anxious that the loss of a job will leave your family in financial jeopardy? More often than not, you may feel that the job itself is a stress.

The working conditions, even the colleagues on the floor with you, can add to the stress. You need to know for sure what causes the stress before you begin to address it in the right manner.
Dial and speak to the best psychologists in Kolkata about how to handle work related stress.


Life is hard for everyone at some point in time. Failures, disappointments and grief plague every soul on earth, irrespective of the social status of the person. This can drive anyone to feel suicidal simply in order to get rid of the problems. However, there is a marked difference in having suicidal thoughts and actually going ahead with it. Only a trained and professional psychologist can walk the fine line and check if the person actually wants to end their life. But you have to take the onus of leading such a person to a psychologist. In this blog post, we are discussing some symptoms that can help you identify a person with suicidal thoughts.

Let’s look at some stats now. You will be amazed to know that about 800,000 Americans attempt suicide every year! 30,000 of them are successful. Women outnumber men by 3 times in the number of people attempting suicide, but 4 times the number of men attempting suicide is successful. The first symptom of spotting something with suicidal tendencies lies in these stats. It is usually a person who talks about a definite plan to end their life. It may be in the middle of a casual conversation or while brooding loudly. If you notice that the person is talking about concrete steps that can make suicide successful, you should guide the person to a psychologist immediately.

Common Symptoms to Spot Suicidal Thoughts

Another telltale symptom is when the person decides to give away precious personal possessions, like their music CDs or books. Then you know that they are preparing themselves mentally to pull the trigger, so to speak. It can also be a sudden change, like preparing a will or dividing property among children. You may notice that the person is no longer taking any interest in an otherwise loved pursuit. Such steps are taken by suicidal people because that try hard to detach themselves from life. Otherwise, they cannot take the ultimate step.

When you identify such a person, don’t panic and scare the person. Gently and firmly lead them to a psychologist, while offering your unconditional support. Tag along someone who the concerned person loves. When suicidal people start feeling the love again, they are deterred. But don’t ignore consulting a trained psychologist. Such thoughts can recur unless you get professional help.


Teachers have to deal with anger issues every single time they step into a classroom. A class which looks quiet at the start may get unruly within seconds. A teacher’s lesson plan can go for a toss in a jiffy. It may be that the teacher had prepared the lesson plan with a lot of thought and care. But students, especially adolescents, don’t really care, do they? They can react to a teacher in various ways and it is virtually impossible to keep about 30 children hooked to a lesson.

You are a teacher, but a human, too! You have come to the class, but not as a clean slate. You have your worries and personal trials to handle. It may also be that you are in a particularly foul mood one morning in class. The smallest disturbance can set off in anger. Anger is the most dangerous emotion for a teacher. With an angry mind, you cannot teach, cannot think and cannot be the friend that your students deserve to see in you. So managing anger is a priority for teachers.

Anger Management Psychology for Teachers

Psychologists can offer a number of tips that you can follow as a teacher. For example, the most obvious tip is to take deep breaths and count to 5 before reacting to a situation. Students are often insolent and behave in a crude manner. They may talk impolitely. All of these come from a daily life of a teacher. When something like that happens in a classroom, your reaction is crucial. If you get angry, students will get afraid initially. But if that continues to happen, even your anger will not scare them. You will totally lose the grip on your class.

If you are suffering from anger management issues in class, you should speak to a trained and professional psychologist. Leaving it alone or dealing with it on your own can be dangerous. You know that the rules guiding a teacher are strict and unambiguous. If you end up scaring a child or worse, hitting them, you will be at the receiving end of much parental displeasure, probably even lawsuits. So sort out your anger issues with a psychologist sooner than later. Should you do something untoward in your anger, it will be of career-ending consequences for you.

Get in touch with the best psychologists in Kolkata at


It is tough to be the parents of autistic kids. It also takes a long while to finally accept the fact that your kid is autistic. This is so because parents, being so close to the kids, cannot reconcile themselves to the idea that their kid may have difficulties learning in school, or have issues in communicating their emotions. Autism can be of various types and you will rarely find any similarity between children suffering from the same kind of autism. So reading up autism online and dismissing their symptoms because a website tells you so is not really the ideal way to approach autism in children.

As a parent, it is your duty not just to give the best kind of treatment to your kids to handle their autism, it is also important that the parents are composed in their mind. The worst thing you can do is to express frustration or project your disappointment to your kids. They are having a really tough time handling their own problems. They cannot deal with parents who are hurting and grieving as well. This is where psychological counselling is crucial for parents. They need to understand their role in their kids’ lives and orient themselves accordingly, despite the deep sense of disappointment that they feel.

Psychological Counselling Must for Parents of Autistic Kids

A trained and professional psychologist can ensure that parents understand their predicament and do what’s right. Just a few days back, The Telegraph ran an article where the mother of a successful Madhyamik candidate talked about her journey of guiding her autistic son in completing. She spoke of the role her son’s school played and how she was told about various rights of an autistic child, like a certificate that gets them some more leverage in terms of opportunities. She spoke about how the state of denial is the biggest hurdle: accepting that your child is autistic. This is where a professional psychologist is important.

Moner Alo has a team of the best psychologists and psychiatrists in Kolkata. They have experience in handling autistic kids and counselling parents to what they should do to make their kids’ lives a little easier. You can speak to them and get professional psychological counselling. With your own mind sorted, you can be a better parent to them.


Recently, there was a huge uproar over the release of the poster of a Hindi film, ‘Mental Hai Kya?’. Psychologists all over the country took offense at how people battling mental health issues were mocked through this title. They felt that the serious nature of mental illness was being trivialized. The makers of the film were served a notice and were asked to change the title of the film. This news was covered by all the major newspapers of the country.

The problem is much deeper rooted, actually. Mental health problems have traditionally been mocked and brushed aside. Even mainstream films have talked about this problem with disdain and ridicule. The situation was changing in the recent past with major Bollywood stars like Deepika Padukone and Hrithik Roshan talks about their fight with depression. This kind of discourse of mainstream and popular celebrities was changing perception about mental health. With the release of this controversial title is like taking two steps back after taking a step forward.

The Uproar over ‘Mental Hai Kya?’

The issue of the title is just an occasional blip on the radar. It will flow away with them. What it has unearthed is a clear idea that the journey towards sensitising people about mental health is very far from over. People with this kind of problem are also disappointed with this kind of mockery of their condition which is wreaking havoc in their lives. They are protesting against the film as well. Additionally, they want people to change their outlook about mental health.

If this kind of ideas continues to percolate, people suffering from depression or anxiety disorders or other mental illness will keep ignoring the signs and refrain from seeking psychological counseling. As a result of the delay in treatment, they will be unable to recover anytime soon as such problems get more complicated with time, if left untreated. This is a larger issue at stake and the makers of ‘Mental Hai Kya?’ should have been more careful and less casual about their title.

This is not humorous and surely not a matter of joke.


It is true that motherhood brings unlimited joy. It is also true that motherhood opens up a can of emotions. Many of these emotions are positive, but not all of them. Every new mother experiences feelings that tell them that they are not really prepared for motherhood. They are worried that they will not be able to do whatever is necessary for their child. They are also anxious about the well being of the child and if they will be able to provide the necessary care and nurture.

New mothers also feel a little sidelined because the entire focus of the family is on the child. During pregnancy, women are treated in a very special manner by the family and after the child is born, the attention of the family naturally shifts a little toward the baby, making the new mother feel sidetracked. Also, in this day and age, new mothers are worried about their careers and when they can get back to work. They are concerned how the maternity gap will affect their professional life.

In this cauldron of emotions, new mothers feel depressed and stressed out, a state which is technically called postpartum depression. While a major part of this state is caused by emotional and social reasons, the physical exhaustion of child delivery and the hormonal imbalance caused due to it also contribute to these feelings of depression. During this phase, women can get mood swings, or become particularly irritable. Sometimes, they are unable to take good care of the newborn because of their own mental condition.

Postpartum depression is a natural state of mind, feel many psychologists. However, if these feelings persist for over a period of time, affecting your normal life and relationships, you should see a trained and professional psychologist. More often than not, individual sessions with a psychologist are all that is required. Talking and expressing bottled up emotions can act as a safety valve. If the psychologist feels so, you can work in groups with new mothers facing the same kind of problem.

All you need to know is that you should not ignore these feelings. You should also not allow anyone to tell you that they will go away on their own, if they have been around for some time. Get your session booked at and live a better life with your newborn.


Money, like happiness, can be quite fickle. It is possible for individuals to go from a state of affluence to penury within a matter of time. Such situations can be extremely damaging to the psyche of the individual concerned. The stakes are higher when there are family and loved ones involved. The shock of losing a lot of money is particularly high if that happens all of a sudden, like the loss of a business or a job. Financial distress can break anyone.

However, the solution has never presented itself if you sit around at home and mope about the problem. You will only overcome financial distress if you are willing to fight it out. It may be that you will not be able to achieve those financial highs again, but you will be able to get your life and finances back on track. Financial counselors and planners are not enough in such cases.

How Psychological Counseling helps in Financial Distress

They may give you the technical insights to earn money, but they cannot help you deal with the mental state. Only a trained and professional psychological counselor can help you out.

What does a psychologist do when the case is about financial distress? The first thing to do is to figure out the root cause of the problem. It may be overspending due to illness, losing a job, a failing business or vices like gambling. There are also cases when sustained poverty can make a person mentally unstable.

How Psychological Counseling helps in Financial Distress

After the cause of the distress is identified, the psychologist talks to the individual and works out a plan to turn the situation around. Sessions are helpful in making the person feel confident and motivated about life again. Such people may conclude that their life is over. It is the job of the psychologist to inject hope into them.

As is obvious, a person suffering from financial distress cannot afford expensive psychological counseling! offers affordable and professional psychological counseling in Kolkata. Our team has financial psychologists with a wide array of experience in this field.

If you are under financial problems, or know someone who is, you can get in touch with us. Our psychologists will help you take stock of your life again when it comes to finances.


Almost all of us at some point or the other come across a face, but couldn’t remember the name, or remember the name but couldn’t collate the face. There are some people who cannot remember their spatial location and tend to get lost. Sometimes, even when they are a couple of blocks away from home or office, they get lost. These people have little or no sense of where they are located and where they are headed. Such a problem is known as topographic agnosia, or place blindness.

Recently a mainstream newspaper in Kolkata talked about a few persons who were found loitering around the city aimlessly. On investigation, it was found that they were lost on their way. Sympathetic locals helped them find their home. A couple of them had strayed quite far from their destination. All of them admitted to have problems finding their way back or negotiating their way through the streets of the city. Such a condition is a textbook case of topographical agnosia.

As is evident from the name, topographical agnosia refers to the inability of the person to remember his topographical location. It is a problem caused by major injury to the head. A part of the brain is tasked with the job of taking care of where you are located and to give you directions about where you want to go. A traumatic injury to the head puts this function of the brain under jeopardy. There are also cases of topographic agnosia being hereditary.

The problem of topographical agnosia can be quite frustrating, leading to other mental health issues. It is best to get help,the sooner you realize that you are having issues with your sense of direction. A trained psychologist can help you get a grip on this problem through medication, but you have to ensure that you continue taking the right dosages on time. Looking back at the incidents of such cases reported from Kolkata, at least one of them admitted to have skipped their meds before they got lost on the road. So discontinuing MEDS are a strict no-no.

If you know someone who has symptoms of topographic agnosia, you should get in touch with immediately.


You must have read in the newspapers about personalities like Mike Horn. For the uninitiated, he’s the world’s most famous explorer with several unheard of feats under his belt. However, that is not his only identity. He’s also a motivational coach and was associated with teams like Germany when they won the football World Cup and with India when they won the cricket World Cup. He’s been associated with several A-list teams across the board, irrespective of the sporting arena.

It is obvious, therefore, that his expertise in motivation does not stay limited to sporting teams or particular sporting fields. In other words, it is not the sporting field which matters, what he does to help teams and individuals is what counts. In a way, he does the job of a psychologist, delving deep into the minds of sports persons to address their lurking fears and anxieties and bringing out positive energy. If professional top grade sports persons of the globe look up  a psychological boost for their performance, imagine what amateurs in this domain would need.

Amateur Sportspersons Need Sports Psychologist

A sports psychologist can help amateur sports persons lift their game, mostly by helping them in the mental prep work. Don’t assume that such psychologists are useful for sporting persons only when they develop some problem or fall into a rut. Even at the peak of their powers, sports persons may develop feelings of anxiety or choke up during key moments of the game. Unless they are sorted out in their minds, they will be unable to deliver their best.

Amateurs, especially, are threatened by these mind games because they are yet to find sure footing in their arenas.
Our trained and professional psychologists at Moner Alo have worked with budding sports persons for some time now. During these sessions, we have focussed on how to channel all your energy into an optimum performance and how to keep your mind clear from clouded thoughts. Our psychologists insist on enjoying the sports because that is the best way in which an amateur can perform better. If they are bogged down by expectation and fear of failure, it helps no one.

If you are an amateur sports person and need help with the mental side of your game, get in touch with


It is only natural as a parent to expect from your kids. After all, it’s not just about their own life, is it? You live a bit of your life through them. The most probable reason why parents burden their children with expectations is that they try to achieve whatever they couldn’t on their own. For example, if you wanted to be a professor in a college and couldn’t reach those heights for some reason, you want your child to achieve that. The problem crops up when your child is not academically inclined at all!

Why You Need to Handle Your Expectations from Your Kids

Parents who can’t handle their expectations for kids have a very rough life ahead. The first step in this direction is that you end up alienating the very child from whom you are expecting this and that. Children feel terrible when they are unable to meet your expectations. They feel that they are letting you down and this feeling stems strongly from a sense of love. However, this disappointment doesn’t last long. Before you know it, the child becomes bitter and all their love for you turns sour. They feel that they are being unduly put to task.

More often than not, the reason your child can’t meet your expectation is because of you! After all, you have contributed to the genetic structure of the child, something that is largely responsible for ability and intelligence. So, if you are not able or intelligent enough, the child may already be at a disadvantage. There are welcome exceptions, but what if those are not in your case? In other words, you are putting the blame on your child for something which you are responsible, and something that the child has no control over.

If you feel persistent as a parent to keep expecting the skies and the stars for your child, you should consult a psychologist. A trained psychologist, like those with us at the best psychological counselling center in Kolkata Moner Alo, will help you keep a handle your expectations and how to encourage and motivate your child with positive energy. Keeping them under pressure to perform will only pull them down, instead of enhancing their achievement. On the other hand, a level-headed parent is so much more healthy for a child’s development.

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