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The current onslaught of the COVID-19 Corona Virus is creating turmoil in the entire world. With over a hundred nations affected, there is a huge pandemonium across the globe. What is even worse is that the fate of the things to come is unknown. With the uncertainties mounting it is possible that you too are very worried about the health of yourself as well as your near and dear ones. This uncertainty of the life-threatening virus has left even the most nations in the world struggling with country after country declaring lockdown; the situation is very grim indeed. Experts in the medical field claim that there is something good amidst the entire pandemic situation:

2 Good things about easing fear & anxiety

  • Most Doctors know and have been trained to deal with respiratory related illnesses. By now you would already be aware that the deadly Corona Virus causes poor respiratory conditions
  • You and your near and dear ones can take steps to stay protected and help others to stay protected. 

Stay Protected; Stay Safe

Following the outbreak of the deadly Corona Virus (COVID-19) Virus health care providers as well as hospitals all around the world including India are all working on a war footing to combat the situation. Medical Experts are also of the opinion that managing viral respiratory illnesses is nothing new in the medical community. When it comes to staying safe you should know how to stay safe and protected from falling sick. It is to some extent protecting you against Influenza and lots of other infections. You need to wash your hands at regular intervals. You need to use a tissue to cover your mouth and nose and try not to frequently touch your face. It is best to stay away from crowds and those who are already sick. You also need to stay at home if you feel unwell.

Medical Experts feel that the virus is unpredictable and new situations might evolve. But you must not panic at any time. You might undergo various emotions as well from this emergency situation. But when it comes to upkeep of your proper mental health, here’s what you can do:

  • Get the Facts Straight and do not fall for any false rumors that might be around. 
  • Keep things in perspective- While you would want to know about the deadly disease, it is important at the same time to focus on the things that you can control, like staying safe and avoid panicking
  • Be Mindful & Self aware- With so much information around regarding the situation you need to rely on the scientific facts and figures rather than depending on just any information that might be around, on the internet or otherwise.
  • Try to Keep Normalcy and stay calm- Though this may be tough, yet you must try and keep cool at all times irrespective of the situation that you might be undergoing right now. 
  • Hope for the best- Always expect the best and hope that the situation would soon become normal 


By now, almost everyone is aware of anxiety attacks. This was not the case even a couple of years back. Back then, depression and anxiety disorders were not so openly discussed as it is done nowadays. Much of this credit goes to celebrities and famous personalities who have come forward and shared their fight against anxiety and depression. However, many still know that the symptoms of anxiety attacks coming on is hyperventilating and rocking back and forth. 

Anxiety and depression

While these are the usual signs that a person is coming under anxiety attacks, there are several unusual signs as well. You should not be mistaken in identifying them and getting quick help for yourself, or someone you know who battles anxiety disorders. In this blog, we are looking at some of these unusual signs by consulting our team of psychologists in Kolkata. So, here are some of them:

  • Silence: Many may be surprised as to how a person in the throes of an anxiety attack can be silent. But that is actually true. Responses to situations vary from one person to another. So does the way a person reacts to anxiety. Sudden and grave silence can be the symptom of an anxiety attack. 
  • Hypersensitivity: A person facing anxiety attacks can be hypersensitive. It can be to words spoken or to situations happening around them. It can also be to the faintest of noises bringing on utter shock. It can also entail crying out in otherwise not very serious situations. 
  • Obsessive Behaviour: While Obsessive Behaviour is the symptom of several mental health issues, it is also a sign of an anxiety attack. Obsessing over the placement of objects, over washing hands or several other small matters is a sign that you are getting an anxiety attack. 
  • Second Guessing: Sometimes, when a person is facing anxiety attacks, they start second-guessing their own confidence, beliefs and value systems. They start questioning their moral choices, their existential dilemmas and various other basic fundamental questions that otherwise lie low. They may start doubting their views about the world and of people around them. 

There are other signs too, like pacing up and down, biting nails till they start bleeding, zoning out of conversations or situations that depict anxiety attacks. You should consult a psychologist through if you face such symptoms or someone you know does.

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