Understanding bipolar disorder – symptoms and causes

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Do you get mood swings on and off? Do you feel extremely happy on small things? Do you feel extremely low at times? If yes, then you should get a psychological counselings from a psychiatrist or psychologist in Kolkata because you may be suffering from the bipolar disorder.

But how can you understand if you are a victim of this bipolar disorder?

  • Check on your emotional highs and lows:

You should be happy at all times. But, if you cannot control your happiness and start expressing it in unusual ways, then it is time to check on your behaviour. The feeling of being overly happy or overly sad is not seen as a normal behaviour. If the bouts of depression or ecstasy persist for a long time, then you should know that you are suffering from bipolar disorder.

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  • A glimpse on bipolar disorder:

According to the top psychologists in Kolkata, Bipolar disorder is a psychological disease which results in excessive mood swings. In this, a person feels himself or herself on cloud nine. This is one type of bipolar disorder. The other side of this psychological problem is when a person feels highly dejected or suicidal tendencies crop up in their mind. You should not overlook such unusual mood swings. If you go through this mood swing or if you come across any of your close ones going through the same, you should consult an experienced psychiatrist immediately.

  • Factors contributing to bipolar disorder:

A) In females, it is the hormonal imbalance which should be blamed for triggering bipolar disorders. The irregular hormonal changes give rise to the abnormalities of mood and behaviour.

B) Is it in your genes? Yes, the genes could be responsible for your constant mood swings, as the psychiatrists say. If any of your family members have the problem of mood swings, then you are most likely to have the same mental disorder.

C) Prolonged use of medication and the consumption of drugs and alcohol can be the cause of bipolar disorder.

  • Signs to notice:

1. Uncontrolled excitement.
2. Overly optimistic.
3. Trouble focussing on one particular thing.
4. High libido.
5. Thoughts of suicide.
6. Either having too much of sleep or having very less sleep.
7. Not showing interest towards food.
8. Inactive or slugging attitude.

With the help of psychological counselling and right therapies, the problem of bipolar disorder can be cured completely. Get diagnosed as early as possible to get a permanent relief from this mental illness.

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