Amateur Sports persons Need Sports Psychologist

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You must have read in the newspapers about personalities like Mike Horn. For the uninitiated, he’s the world’s most famous explorer with several unheard of feats under his belt. However, that is not his only identity. He’s also a motivational coach and was associated with teams like Germany when they won the football World Cup and with India when they won the cricket World Cup. He’s been associated with several A-list teams across the board, irrespective of the sporting arena.

It is obvious, therefore, that his expertise in motivation does not stay limited to sporting teams or particular sporting fields. In other words, it is not the sporting field which matters, what he does to help teams and individuals is what counts. In a way, he does the job of a psychologist, delving deep into the minds of sports persons to address their lurking fears and anxieties and bringing out positive energy. If professional top grade sports persons of the globe look up  a psychological boost for their performance, imagine what amateurs in this domain would need.

Amateur Sportspersons Need Sports Psychologist

A sports psychologist can help amateur sports persons lift their game, mostly by helping them in the mental prep work. Don’t assume that such psychologists are useful for sporting persons only when they develop some problem or fall into a rut. Even at the peak of their powers, sports persons may develop feelings of anxiety or choke up during key moments of the game. Unless they are sorted out in their minds, they will be unable to deliver their best.

Amateurs, especially, are threatened by these mind games because they are yet to find sure footing in their arenas.
Our trained and professional psychologists at Moner Alo have worked with budding sports persons for some time now. During these sessions, we have focussed on how to channel all your energy into an optimum performance and how to keep your mind clear from clouded thoughts. Our psychologists insist on enjoying the sports because that is the best way in which an amateur can perform better. If they are bogged down by expectation and fear of failure, it helps no one.

If you are an amateur sports person and need help with the mental side of your game, get in touch with

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