Why is adolescent counseling important?

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Adolescence is called the age or period of turbulence, where every individual goes through certain changes in their mental as well as physical structure. This is the best time when an individual should undergo counseling. Psychological counseling is very much in practice in India; hence Kolkata is also not lagging behind. We at Moner Alo, arrange different counseling sessions for adolescents time to time.

Why is Adolescent Counseling Required?

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  • Adolescent counseling is aimed at young people to help them make sense of their feelings, behaviors and thoughts and entails the use of unique techniques. Thus, our team at Moner Alo diagnoses the problematic behavior of the concerned individuals and they have to go through certain counseling sessions accordingly.
  • Any parent can attest to the fact that the adolescence stage of any child can be extremely difficult and confusing. Hence, it is very important for parents to handle their adolescent children in the best ways. Thus, these counseling sessions are organized and they turn out to be effective, most of the time.
  • Moner Alo is certainly a reliable service for anxiety treatment & stress management in Kolkata. Anxiety is yet another problem faced by adolescents which become very tough to handle. Hence, these counseling sessions are needed.
  • Interactive counseling workshops are often performed with the main intention of counseling groups of young adults all at once. During such workshops, adolescents participate in different one on one and interactive activities like talks, games and other practical sessions. Our team at Moner Alo mainly focuses on these activity based counseling sessions that have been very fruitful.
  • One-on-One adolescent counseling involves having the adolescent attend counseling sessions. And this is also needed at times to diagnose the basic problems.

Adolescence is the most complicated phase of one’s life. These adolescent counseling sessions focus not only on the patient but also on the patient’s family and this is what we do at Moner Alo. Our counselors prefer involving the family as they play a crucial role in the adolescent’s life and will determine how well the young adult will handle the changes they are experiencing.

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