8 Easy Ways to Improve Mental Health In Workplace

June 13, 2016 by admin0

With globalisation and advancement in technology, the nature of work is constantly evolving. This rapid change affects the intensity with which people work and requires them to develop skills and competencies. Such scope of development is rewarding for any employee; however this also means that the employee has to stretch their cognitive, psychological and social skills. This hampers their mental well-being which ultimately affects their productivity. Programmes supporting mental wellness is, thus, important in workplaces. Here are 10 easy ways to improve the mental well-being in the workplace:

1. Address the Mental health issues

Develop clear policies to prevent any issue that causes stress and impacts the mental health of employees. Develop programmes to support employees who develop mental health issues.

2. Note the indicators

Identify the signs that indicate that your employees are under mental stress. This includes absenteeism, low morale, team conflict, grievances and so on.

3. Empower the managers with required tools

Train the managers and provide them tools to address the mental health of the employees. Support them in dealing with such issues. Managers can address the social stigma around these issues by promoting mental health training. This will help them to understand the issues and communicate it to the rest of the employees.

4. Review the Processes

Evaluate the current process and programmes for addressing mental health issues. Include new initiatives in order to effectively address the psychological health of the employees. In this regard, you can even take help from professionals.

5. Create scope for psychological counselling

Provide your employees access to counselling service at your workplace. Such brief psychological therapy can help the employees deal with their mental health issues.

6. Support the employees with mental health issues

Retain the employees diagnosed with mental health issues. Support them while they address and treat their mental health issues. Provide them tools and resources to fight their mental illness. This will motivate them to avoid work, boost productivity and fight their disability in a healthy way.

7. Help them Manage stress

Foster programmes to help the employees build up resilience to stress. Through such initiatives, you can help the employees to practice strategies to cope with stress on a daily basis. Also, Employee Assistance Programmes (EPAs) are also beneficial. This provides round the clock psychological counselling to the employees and helps them manage professional and psychological problems. This will boost the mental health and productivity of the employees.

8. Talk openly about the issue

Often employees do not open up regarding their mental health issues fearing a backlash from the management. However, this worsens the situation. Talk about mental health openly. This will encourage the employees to come up and address such issues.

These 8 pointers will help you maintain a workplace that is healthy and safe, thereby, boosting your productivity and raising employee performance. In case you are looking for psychological counselling, you can get in touch with us. At Moner Alo, we help in early diagnosis of the mental illness and help you to eliminate those problems ins the most effective way. Get in touch with us today at http://moneralo.com/contact-us/

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