7 Interesting Facts About IQ Test

May 17, 2016 by admin0

What does Thomas Jefferson, Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, and Albert Einstein have in common?Can’t guess, right? They all have an IQ score of 160. Intelligence Quotient or IQ tests are widely used to judge your mental and learning ability through a standardised test. This is also used to measure the academic ability of a person and to identify if you are suffering from any particular mental condition. A majority of the school, college and organisation include the process of testing IQ before they select a candidate or student. Over here, we have discussed a few facts regarding IQ tests that might take you by surprise:

1.Do you know that your IQ is significantly affected by your school attendance? A study conducted by James D. Page, published in The Journal of Psychology, 1940 found that IQ levels decrease when access to formal schooling is limited.

2.The IQ scores of men and women differ. Men score high in sections such as spatial awareness, while women score higher in sections such as emotional intelligence and language development. However, this difference in score doesn’t affect the overall intelligence of men and women.

3.IQ tests were once used for determining mental retardation. According to the Binnet-Simon’s test that was primarily conducted during the 1900s, an IQ score below 70 was the benchmark for mental retardation.

4.IQ tests cannot measure your social and emotional skills, creativity or artistic skills. It only measures your intellectual abilities. Since it doesn’t has the scope of measuring job-specific skills and knowledge, it cannot measure intelligence at all levels.

5.Initially, the IQ score of a person was measured by dividing their mental age with actual age. The result was then multiplied by 100 to get the score.

6.Your environment and surroundings greatly affects your IQ. Factors such as stress, socio-economic status, malnutrition, and attitude can impact your IQ.

7.IQ isn’t affected by gender, age, family size or birth order.

8.IQ is increasing with each generation. This is called the Flynn Effect after James Flynn, a political scientist from New Zealand.

9.A study conducted by the McGill University in 2007 found that IQ is closely related to breastfeeding. Children who were breastfed had higher IQ score compared to other children.

10.IQ tests were criticised for not being sensitive to the values of cultures across the world.It doesn’t consider the different cognitive style, values, and communication skills. In his book In “The Geography of Thought” Dr Richard Nisbett argues that there is a huge difference between Western and Eastern views of intelligence.

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