7 Careers with High Rates of Depression

April 25, 2017 by admin0

Different jobs come with different stress levels. Sometimes, the pressure gets unbearable. Some can handle pressure efficiently and some cannot, and as a result, they get depressed. But, are there jobs that are stressful than all? Yes. And that’s why the depression rates of people working in these fields are also high. Here’s a list of careers with high rates of depression:

1. Nursing and Home Care

Nurses and personal caregivers top the list of career with the highest rates of depression. About 11% people in this field suffer from major depression. It’s mainly because the most of the time people employed in this field won’t receive any appreciation or feedback on their work. It’s stressful to deal with sick people continuously without getting any positive reinforcement.

2. Food Service

The seemingly happy food serving staff in your favourite food joint can be the most depressed one. Yes because most of the times, wait staffs are poorly paid. Their job is exhaustive as they have to take orders from people all the day, bear the brunt of complaining customers. According to Christopher Willard, Clinical Psychologist at Tufts University, in general, 10% of the people in this field suffer from major depression.

3. Social Work

Dealing with abused women, children or elders throughout the day is stressful. They are dealing with needy people all the time, and their turmoil tends to affect their mind as well.

4. Health-Care services

Long and irregular working hours along with days when people’s lives depend entirely on them, health-care professionals have one of the most stressful jobs. Dealing with death, disease, trauma, and patient’s family members all the time leave them mentally exhausted and depressed.

5. Artists, Writers, and Entertainers

Creative people have high rates of mood disorder with about 9% suffering from major depression. Writers, painters or people employed in showbiz and entertainment industry have uncertain work hours, irregular wages, and are often isolated.

6. Teachers

Surprising but, true. Cranky children demand from the school management pressurising to maintain a standard, complaining parents, and long work hours can take a toll on their mind.

7. Administrative Support Staff

The demands of the job are pretty high with zero opportunity for control. They take orders from all and often, their efforts go unrecognised.

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