5 Warning Signs of Child Abuse

August 30, 2016 by admin0

Signs of child abuse may not be obvious in most of the cases. This is because children may feel afraid or ashamed to tell anyone about it. They might feel that no one would believe them or they might be scared of the abuser. Many times, the child even doesn’t realise that he/she’s being abused. World Health Organisation reveals that 20% of women and about 5 to 10% of men accepted being sexually abused as children. While 25-50% of people accepted of being physically abused as children.

How can you tell whether a child is been abused? Check for these warning signs:

1. Change in Behaviour

Has the child turned hostile lately? Is he or she showing aggression or hyperactivity? Does the child lack social skills and develops poor bonding with parents? If yes, then it can be a sign of child abuse.

2. Depression and Loss of Interest

Does the child withdraw from activities that once gave him/her pleasure? Does he/she refuse to meet friends? Have they begun to lose confidence in whatever they do and suffer from anxiety?

3. Reluctance

Abused children often avoid places where they are likely to confront their abuser. Did you notice similar reluctance in any child around you? Does he/she refuse to go to school, board the school bus, return home or visit a particular relative’s place? Is he/she reluctant in sharing information?

4. Trouble Sleeping

Does the child face difficulty in sleeping? Does he/she constantly wet or soil the bed? Do they have nightmares and other sleep problems that are beyond explanation? These can be signs of possible child abuse.

5. Self-Injury and Substance abuse

Bruises and burns are early signs of child abuse. Children might harm themselves (by cutting or burning) to relieve the emotional pain. They might even begin drinking at a very young age. If you have noticed unexplained wounds in your child’s body then don’t ignore it.

Child abuse can leave permanent scars on a child’s mind and if neglected, this can result in impaired mental or physical health. Children can forget the pain afflicted due to abuse and live a normal and healthy life, which is why it’s important to immediately consult a psychologist. If you are looking for a child psychologist in Kolkata, get in touch with us. Call us today at +91 9051 680 953.

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