5 Things To Know About Psychology

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Have you ever wondered why people around you behave in a certain way? Or have you ever thought that why people behave differently in a different situation? Psychological research has an answer to all such queries. It not only provides you with an insight into the human mind but also defines human behaviour. Let’s take a deeper look into a few interesting facts about psychology:

1. It studies human mind and processes

Psychology is the study of human mind and its processes. The term Psychology was derived from Greek words Psyche (meaning spirit, soul) and logia (meaning “study of”). This field of study emerged from biology and philosophy and is closely associated with linguistics, sociology, anthropology, and medicine.

2. It has a number of branches

There are a number of branches of Psychology and explores various specialised fields. Some of the most important branches or sub-fields of Psychology includes Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology, Behavioural Psychology, Personality Psychology, and Developmental Psychology.

3. It is not just therapy

Psychology is not just providing therapy. Therapy is an integral part of Psychology but that’s not the only thing that a psychologist does. Psychology encompasses much wider area such as consulting, research, and teaching. A psychologist has to work at different settings. This includes hospitals, colleges and Universities, private corporations, and so on. In case you are looking forward to consulting a psychologist in Kolkata, then get in touch with us at Moner Alo.

4. It deals with Human behaviour

The primary goal of Psychology is to study and explain human behaviour. Psychologists find the root cause of certain human behaviour and seek to modify such behavioural traits in order to help an individual lead a better life.

5. Psychology is everywhere

People usually think that Psychology is an academic subject and only exists in classrooms, hospitals, and research labs. However, the truth is Psychology is everywhere. Even the advertisements you see on TV rely on psychology to influence your perception. The websites you visit regularly use psychology to understand how viewers are interpreting and using online information. Even when you are interacting with others you utilise psychology to understand the other person.

Psychology might seem like a vast and daunting field of study but as you delve deeper, you will be fascinated by how things actually work. Hopefully, these points have helped you gain a deeper understanding of this field of study.

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