5 Things About Positive Thinking

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Positive attitude and positive thinking fill your life with optimism. It helps you look at the sunnier side of life, eliminating negativity. Positive thinking is more than just a personality trait. It is something that keeps your mind healthy. Let’s dig deeper into the positive effects of nurturing positive thinking:

1.Extends your life span

Positive attitude and positive thinking influence your health. A study published in the JAMA internal medicine in 2006 found that those who have a negative outlook of life and harbour pessimistic views on life are 55% more likely to die early. Compared to women, men are at greater risk of suffering from cardiovascular ailments. A study published in Psychological Bulletin in 2013 mentions that optimistic views help reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

2.It reduces Stress

A research published in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology in 2002 found that positive thinking lowers stress levels. The study involved several college students and measured their stress levels and coping mechanism during their first semester in college.

3.Positivity helps you age gracefully

A study by the University College of London published in the British Journal of Health Psychology concluded that optimism and positive thinking is linked with healthy ageing.

4.It helps develop and maintain relationships

An article published in the Clinical Psychology Review in 2010 explored the effect of positive thinking on relationships. It found that those who think positively are lucky with their relationships.  This is because the positive thinkers are more satisfied with their relationships compared to pessimistic people. Positive thinkers always look at the brighter aspects of a relationship and tend to work hard in order to maintain that relationship.

5.Positivity Improves your overall well-being

A study published in the Clinical Psychology Review in 2010 found a deep link between optimism and overall well-being. The researchers found that optimistic people take better care of their health and take proactive measures to keep themselves healthy. Compared to the positive thinkers, the negative thinkers are more involved in health damaging behaviour. They concluded that the behavioural pattern of positive thinkers is something to be followed by those who want to lead a happy and healthy life.

To be happy, it is essential to eliminate negative thinking and behaviour that makes you depressed. Immediately consult a counsellor if you think depression and negativity is eating you up. If you want to undergo counselling for depression in Kolkata.

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