5 Important Things for the upkeep of Your Mental Health

March 27, 2020 by admin0

The recent development of the pandemic caused by the deadly COVID 19 Corona Virus has been lethal on all fronts in our lives. It has led to the lockdown of even the most advanced nations in the world and brought our regular lives almost to a standstill. The impact of it has caused great damage on all fronts of our lives whether it is physical health, economic, social and also on our mental health. These are times along with staying safe and take good care of the physical health we must take proper care of our mental health too. The recent developments have caused great anxiety to many of us, some of whom might have their existence on the line. Amidst all the mayhem it is time that we resolve to stay strong mentally. 

Here are 5 important things that would help you to stay healthy mentally even in these trying times:

1.Take good Care of your Physical body

You need to take good care of your body. This you need to do by leading a more balanced life. You need to intake more nutritious food that is stuffed with more macro and micro-nutrients. You also need to stay physically active. It is important that you avoid bad habits like consuming alcohol and smoking. You must also have proper rest too. Good health along with good habits like cleaning your hands regularly and good hygienic habits would help you to stay safe and fight this deadly virus.

2.Make a Conscious Effort to stay calm at all time

These are tough times when it is possible that you would go through some extreme stress and anxiety. But amidst all the troubles it is important that you resolve to stay calm and composed of the best possible manner. You could indulge in meditation and Yoga to stay calm.

3.Surround Yourself with Positive people

Apart from your staying positive, you should avoid the negative people and surround yourself with the people who are always positive. These positive people are the ones who would also help you to stay positive and happy at all times. Thus try and surround yourself with these kinds of people. 

4.Learn to deal with stress

You would know that these are times when the stress levels are extremely high in our lives. Thus it is best to make a conscious effort to deal with it on a regular basis. You could yourself device certain means and ways of what you could like One-Minute Stress Strategies like deep breathing and so on to calm yourself down irrespective of the circumstances. Always try and stay calm as much as possible.

5.Break Up the Monotony

Often life can get a bit monotonous. Monotony is something that could drain you of your energies and help to foster negative thoughts. This is why you could think of certain innovative ways like listening to music you love and so on to break the monotony.

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