5 Facts on Alcohol Addiction

April 18, 2017 by admin0

Alcohol is one of the most common substances that is abused on a regular basis. As per the World Health Organisation, 3.3 million people die every year due to alcohol abuse.

Source: http://www.who.int/substance_abuse/facts/en/

Whether you are drinking wine or beer, too much of anything can hurt you. You may not abuse alcohol like those 3.3 million people, but you never know when a habit might turn into an addiction. So, before you consider going for another round of drinks, consider these points on alcohol addiction:

1. Alcohol affects your brain

Usually, your brain physically adapts to your environment so that you can do better whatever you are doing. When you drink alcohol continuously, your brain accordingly changes the nerve cells so that you can function better. Once your brain adapts to alcohol and does the necessary changes[Validate from client], it cannot go back to its previous state. So, when you stop drinking, these changes continue to create problems.

2. Alcoholism is not alcohol abuse

Alcohol abuse is when your drinking patterns create problems in your personal and professional life. Alcoholism is the feeling of compulsive drinking or drinking at times when you are not supposed to. Alcoholism is considered as a chronic disease.

Source; http://www.who.int/substance_abuse/facts/en/

3. Ethyl Alcohol is the ingredient that intoxicates you

Ethyl Alcohol is the main ingredient in all alcoholic drinks. It is produced from starch acquired from vegetables, fruits, and grains; fermented yeast, and sugar. When you drink alcohol at moderate levels, your liver can easily metabolise it; however, excessive drinking overwhelms your liver. The excess alcohol that your liver cannot process circulates through every organ in your body including your brain. This is when you feel drunk.

4. Alcohol is one of the leading cause of death

As per the World Health Organisation, in 2012 about 3.3 million people died due to alcohol abuse. Out of them, 7.6% were men, and only 4% were women.

Source: http://www.who.int/substance_abuse/facts/alcohol/en/

5. Alcohol affects your overall health

Chronic heavy drinking causes cirrhosis of the liver. Moreover, you are also vulnerable to accidents and injuries under the influence of alcohol. Excessive alcohol consumption can cause health complications such as anaemia, cardiovascular problems, cancer, depression, and dementia.
Source: http://www.webmd.com/mental-health/addiction/features/12-health-risks-of-chronic-heavy-drinking#1

Alcohol is also associated with emotional pain and result in damaging behaviour. Consult a psychologist or psychotherapist to help you get rid of your addiction. You can get in touch with the best psychotherapist in Kolkata at Moner Alo. Contact us at http://moneralo.com/contact-us/.

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