4 Ways to Make Peace with 2016 & Move into New Year

January 20, 2017 by admin0

Every end is a new beginning. Be it the changing of the seasons or the year, the human mind always looks forward to making a new beginning. It tends to wipe out the previous mistakes and start again. However, unless we make peace with our past, we cannot move forward and start afresh. Now that 2016 is over, here are a few ways to make peace with the past and move into the new year:

1. Be grateful

Develop a sense of gratitude. Life is not about counting your misfortunes. Before you do that, do not forget to count the blessings. Once you develop a sense of gratitude, you develop a sense of fulfilment. This helps in reducing stress, depression, lowers blood pressure, and also helps you in making a new beginning. However, if you find it difficult to leave behind your negative thoughts, take help from the professionals. Negative thoughts can lead to depression and hamper your progress. Consult a psychotherapist immediately. In case you are looking for psychotherapist in Kolkata, get in touch with us at http://moneralo.com/contact-us/.

2. Commit to becoming a more physically fit version of you

You do not have to run miles or do a hundred push-ups to stay fit. Instead, be realistic with your health regime. Try to go for a walk around the park at least thrice a week. Leave your car and ride your cycle when you go grocery shopping the next time. Develop a routine and stick to it.

3. Move “sleep” to the top of your priority list

Unless your mind and body get enough rest, you cannot achieve harmony. You cannot be your best when you are drained. Make it a point to get enough sleep in the New Year. A healthy mind and body keeps you happy and move on in your life.

4. Smile Often

When you wake up every morning, look at your reflection in the mirror and smile. This is the best way to give away all your worries and start afresh in the new year. Make your smile cheaper and share it with others.
Above all, forget all your complaints and insecurities and be thankful for the chance life has given you to move on. We hope that these points will help you move on to the next year without any emotional or mental baggage.

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