4 Constructive Ways to Manage your Emotions

April 4, 2017 by admin0

Emotions are an integral part of your everyday life. Your emotions drive you. You feel frustrated when you are stuck in the traffic for long, feel excited about new opportunities or cry when you are dejected –no doubt you act according to your emotions. However, there are times when you act on your emotions too quickly or act on wrong emotions and take decisions that you regret later. So, how do you manage these negative emotions? Here are a few ways to handle the problematic emotions:

1. Never react immediately

Reacting to an emotion instantly can prompt you to make mistakes you cannot reverse. When you react immediately, chances are high that you will do something wrong. Whenever you are overwhelmed by a particular emotion, take a deep breath and let that overwhelming impulse stabilise. Let your muscles relax, and your heart rate normalise. This will help you calm down and avoid acting on your impulses.

2. Work on your thoughts

Deep within, your emotions are driven by your beliefs. You feel dejected when you have lost something, feel angry when your goals or an important work is thwarted; you feel happy when you know something good is going to happen. By working on your thoughts, you will be able to control the way you react to a situation. Focus on thoughts that make you happy and keep away the negative thoughts. This trick often works with people suffering from social anxiety disorder. If you are still unable to manage your emotions, then it’s better to seek professional help. Consult a psychiatrist to help you control and manage your emotions. If you are looking for good psychiatrists in Kolkata, contact us at http://moneralo.com/contact-us/.

3. Look at the bigger picture

Whatever happens in our lives, whether good or bad, happens for a certain reason and serves a higher purpose. Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed by your emotions or a particular situation, remember that there is a greater purpose which you are not able to comprehend right at that moment but you will understand soon.

4. Be selective

Avoid any such situation that triggers unwanted emotions in you. If you know that a certain situation is likely to make you unhappy or angry, avoid that. For instance, if you find a particular person annoying, find out a way to avoid him or her.

These approaches will help you adapt to the situation, know your emotional triggers and manage them in a better way.

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