10 Facts on EEG Tests

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Electroencephalogram of EEG is a medical test that measures and records the neural activities in your brain. An EEG test can help diagnose multiple brain-related conditions such as sleep disorder, epilepsy,depression, Asperger’s syndrome, anxiety and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). In this process, two electrodes are attached to your head. These electrodes pick up your brain signals and transmit those to the polygraph.

Over here, we have discussed 10 facts about EEG that will help you get a clear picture:

1.EEG can only determine any changes in brain activity. It cannot detect mental illness.
2.EEG is also used to confirm brain death in case the person is in a coma. During medically induced coma, EEG is continuously used to find the right level of anesthesia.
3.You do not feel any discomfort during the EEG test. The electrodes attached to your head doesn’t transmit any kind of sensation.
4.An abnormal EEG report doesn’t mean that you suffer from any mental disorder. For instance, the EEG test reports of babies and children often record unusual patterns.
5.Before you go for an EEG test, thoroughly clean your hair. Do not apply any styling product as that won’t let the electrodes be firmly attached to the scalp.
6.If you are suffering from any seizure disorder such as epilepsy, the technician triggers seizure through hyperventilation or by flashing lights.
7.Once the electrodes are attached to your head, the EEG test takes only an hour to complete. However, if you are required to sleep during the process, it might take several hours. The electrodes are attached using a special adhesive. Often, elastic caps fitted with electrodes are also used.
8.During the EEG test,the technician might ask you to open and close your eyes repeatedly. They might also ask you to perform a few mathematical calculation or read a paragraph.
9.If you are asked to breathe rapidly, you might feel a numbness in your fingers for a certain period. You might also feel lightheaded. Do not worry if it happens. It goes away once the process is over and your breathing normalise.
10.Along with your brain waves, your body motions are also captured using a video camera. The doctor studies both to diagnose your condition.

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